CGD+T Signature Workshops

Jazzy Showgirl 101

Learn the basics of this fun, flirty, and self-love building dance form.

Love Thyself Workshop

Enjoy yoga, a chocolate tasting, champagne, and a sexy dance routine on  your path to increased self love.

Bhangra/Bollywood Workshop

Take a trip around the world to India and learn the most fun and upbeat dance out there.

Flash Mob Workshop

Want to showcase a Hip Hop, Bhangra/Bollywood, or Jazzy Showgirl flash mob at your next event? Imagine the possibilities!

Upcoming Workshops in Asheville

Reclaim Yourself

Many women struggle with their body image, and as a result are disconnected from the wisdom of their body. You’re invited to join a circle of women to learn accessible, healing tools for shifting your relationship with your body and Soul. In our time together, we will use movement, imagery cards, and the support of a circle of women to deepen into a juicy, curious, and kind relationship with your body and your Soul.

Join therapist Heidi Lynn Andersen and dance instructor and holistic health teacher Christine Garvin in this body-centered, image-healing workshop.

Limited space, so reserve your spot soon!

When: Sat., Sep. 23rd, 1-3pm
Where: Colourfield, 54 Ravenscroft
Cost: $40 early-bird by Aug. 31st, $49 regular

Fall for your Booty

Peach, bum, badonkadonk, derriere, backside, fanny, heinie, buns…. just a few of the pet names for that thing we sit on all day!

During this workshop, we’ll get to the bottom of (sorry) the elusive GLUTEAL MUSCLES! We will focus on ways to incorporate glute activation in to our daily lives, outline muscle anatomy, and break down some intensive exercises that isolate the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus.

In other words: firing up, building, and toning THAT ASS!!!

Oh and of course we’ll have a fun booty-centric dance party too!

Limited space, so pre-registration encouraged!

When: October 7th, 4-6pm
Where: Colourfield, 54 Ravenscroft Dr
Cost: $20


New Orleans Jazz Performance Workshop

Ready to learn an easy, high-energy, New Orleans Jazz Style routine and perform it in our holiday show on Dec. 9th?

Learn this simple choreography in two weeks, watch the video and practice in-between, run through it at our dress rehearsal on Dec. 7th, then take it to the stage two days later! Any type of sparkly, holiday-dress that you feel comfortable in works as a costume.

Open to new and experienced dancers alike!

When: Nov. 28th and Dec. 5th, 7-8pm (dress rehearsal will take place on Dec. 7th from 6-9pm)
Where: Colourfield, 54 Ravenscroft in downtown Asheville
Cost: $18

“We had an absolute blast!!! Can’t wait to practice our new routines!”

– Amy L., Wilmington, NC Bhangra/Bollywood workshop

“Thank you, Christine, for the fun, energetic, and amazing dance workshop! You left me wanting more!”

– Kate K., Charlotte Bhangra/Bollywood workshop

“Totally out of our element and loved it!!! Big thanx to all the Jazzy Showgirls and of course the very sexy Christine for being an awesome teacher and creating such a comfortable and welcoming energy for the group:) Yay! I am inspired:) Thanx ladies!!”

-Emma T., Berkeley, CA Jazzy Showgirl workshop

“We had such a great time getting our sexy on! So much love and gratitude to all the Jazzy Girls! So happy to have this as part of my memories of San Fran.”

– Angie L., Berkeley Jazzy Showgirl workshop

Workshop Offerings – Contact Us to Create the Right One For You!


Jazzy Showgirl Flash Mob Workshop

Perfect for a bachelorette weekend, team-building for women’s businesses, or to spice up your event, Jazzy Showgirl flash mob workshops are a fun way to learn some easy, sexy moves and wow the crowd at your event.

Intro to Bhangra Workshop

The Punjabi dance called “Bhangra” is a shake your shoulders, bounce your feet, and smile like crazy practice of gratitude for what we harvest in our lives. It’s also an incredibly spiritual, energetic, and joyous workout! Suitable for both women and men.

Jazzy Showgirl 101

Jazzy showgirl is a flirty, gently seductive dance that also includes building muscle strength and getting more comfortable in the beautiful body you live in. It combines jazz, hip hop, and burlesque for increased body awareness and a fun experience that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The workshop will include a powerful warm-up and abs workout, a breakdown of the basic moves of Jazzy Showgirl and what it means to tease with reserve, and a choreographed routine you can take home to that special someone (or just for yourself!).

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Love Thyself Workshop

Here’s a treat for your body, mind, and soul. In this workshop, we’ll explore breath work, stretching that awakens your body and opens you up, and a short dance routine you can use anytime you want to feel stronger and sexier. This workshop will be a reminder that you are your own incredible goddess that will be with you throughout this life, and if you treat her well, she’ll treat you well back.

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