Dance Company Auditions

Audition Date: Saturday, January 14th, 2017, 12:30-3pm
Where: Colourfield, 54 Ravenscroft Dr. in downtown Asheville (free parking)
What you need: jazz or comfortable shoes you can dance in; heels if you would like to dance in those for the cabaret portion; comfortable clothing
Please see below for more details

Are you interested in being a part of a new fusion professional dance company in Asheville that will combine different dance forms, emotional and political expressions, with a side of shake your booty?

Before we get too far into what it’s all about, I’m going to start out by stressing commitment. This will be the NUMBER ONE most important aspect of being a part of this company. In order to build up something truly unique, interesting, and successful, time and focus from all the people who are a part of the project is mandatory. Otherwise, the project will never reach its highest potential.

Here are the basics of what the company will look like:

  • The company will be directed by Christine Garvin, but each person will have a starring role within the company
  • The company will perform as many dance styles as the members know, create, fuse and teach each other (examples include Jazzy Showgirl, Hip Hop, Bhangra, Modern, Ballet, Belly dance, Salsa, etc.)
  • The company will perform locally at a range of events and festivals, and will also travel throughout the Southeast for performances when available
  • Members will evenly split the cost of studio rental, and payments from performances (percentages will go to booking)


What we are looking for from you:

  • Have AT LEAST three years of training in some form of dance (does not need to be within the last three years); preference is for more years of training
  • Professional stage performance experience
  • Have the ability to learn quickly other dance forms that you have little or no experience with
  • You will take on a designated role in the group, for example: booking agent, media consultant, social media maven, costume overseer, scheduler, financial officer
  • You will put the dance troupe first in terms of being at all practices and making all performances (with extreme exceptions, of course)

What is the commitment required of you if you become a part of this company?

  • One Wed. night rehearsal per week for two hours (close to performances, we may practice more). You must be at all rehearsals unless deathly ill or a true emergency.
  • Members will not be a part of any other performance troupes in order to focus completely on learning and developing routines and being available for performances.
  • One year commitment required

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 9.09.13 PM

What happens now?

Auditions will take place on Sat., Jan. 14th, 2016 from 12:30-3pm at Colourfield (54 Ravenscroft Dr. in downtown Asheville). They will consist of three simple dance pieces in different dance forms (easy enough that if you haven’t previously danced a particular style, you should still be able to pick up the choreography quickly). Please note this may include floor work.

I will teach each piece, and then 3-4 participants will perform the piece for the panel of judges, with me leading the participants each time.

What the judges will be looking for: poise, facial expressions, technique, ability to pick up choreography quickly (though it’s fine for it to not be 100% correct), and a general sense of ease in performing.

I will not be one of the judges in order to establish a fair and even slate. Instead, I will be relying on the judges to give their fair, honest, and truthful feedback.


Interested? Questions?

Please send me an email to christinegarvin [at] christinegarvin [dot] com to let me know if you will be at the auditions. Also, feel free to asking any questions you may have, or if you know someone else who may be interested. Thank you!

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