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Holiday Gift Certificates!

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of dance – truly one that keeps on giving! I’ve seen so many women transform in my classes (it’s what keeps me going), and there will be even more opportunities for more transformation in 2015. What’s great about these gift certificates is that they can be used for any class (including performance classes), workshop, or special event (with the exception of show tickets).

Here are some of the classes and workshops you’ll see in 2015:

  • Jazzy Showgirl Go-Go class
  • The Art of Performance, from the first dance steps to the perfect costume and makeup
  • Costume and stage makeup workshops
  • The Soul and Spirituality of Dance
  • Keeping Your Mind, Body, and Spirit in peak condition (aka the work-with-aging class)
  • 80s Hip Hop series
  • 50s-style Burlesque
  • Fusion Jazzy Showgirl and Bollywood series

And that’s just the beginning! Jazzy Showgirl Booty Camp, Les Femmes Mystique, and Les Filles Charme will continue throughout the year, along with performances and events.

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So what are you waiting for? Get in on these great deals TODAY!

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