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“Meeting with Christine for Whole Health Coaching sessions has made a significant difference in the way I think about my health. I learned about nutrition and what foods I need to feel my best, which supplements are best for my body type, and how my emotional/mental health plays a part in my overall health. Since meeting with Christine, I’ve become more in tune with my body and have realized the importance of taking good care of it. If you want to have a more wholistic understanding of your health and body, I highly recommend Christine’s Whole Health Coaching sessions.”

Sarah Bolick


“Christine is a truly amazing woman who has dedicated her entire adult life to studying, healing, and strengthening the body. she’s undergone several major health challenges that she has overcome by applying her knowledge in the areas of nutrition, physical fitness, and mindset. her healing has led to amazing energy, vibrancy, and strength. she has a wealth of information, an incredible amount of experience and, is one of the most committed women I’ve met to the healing and personal empowerment of women and their bodies.”

Daphne Cohn

The Creativity Habit Podcast

“I’ve taken Christine’s Jazzy Showgirl, Hip hop, Bhangra and performance troupe classes. They have all provided fun, challenging choreography and an energizing, feel-good workout. She treats her students with respect, and with lots of positive energy.” Paula A.

“Thank you to Christine Garvin, for being the compassionate, powerful, driving force behind us to create these opportunities for us to express our feminine strength and beauty.” Susan F.

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