Listen to Christine speak on Honor the Feminine about what going through a Metamorphosis can look like for you.

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Hip Hop, Jazzy Showgirl, Bhangra/Bollywood, Modern Fusion, and a variety of other options.

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We offer a variety of workshops from exercise-based to body-love focused. Check out some of our offerings here.

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The holidays are upon us and we’ve got some raucous good fun in store for you!



Read and listen to stories about transformation and empowerment.

“When I met my dance teacher, Christine, I knew there was no turning back. In my first class, her energy and positivity was contagious. I smiled the entire time, and when the class was over, I couldn’t believe how quickly it had gone by.”

Michelle G.

“Thank you, Christine Garvin, for your leadership, your vision, your faith, your unparalleled and inspiring creativity, and for your friendship. You have nurtured a village of women and helped us become a force to be reckoned with!”

Kaye B.

“I’ve taken Christine’s Jazzy Showgirl, Hip hop, Bhangra and performance troupe classes. They have all provided fun, challenging choreography and an energizing, feel-good workout. She treats her students with respect, and with lots of positive energy.”

Paula A.

“Thank you to Christine Garvin, for being the compassionate, powerful, driving force behind us to create these opportunities for us to express our feminine strength and beauty.”

Susan F.


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