1:1 Functional Nutrition & Soul Coaching

Get ready for to propel your health, energy, and soul’s purpose to the level you’ve only dreamed of.

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Who It’s For

This year-long  program is for those who are ready to take back their energy, feel excited to get up everyday and live their soul-driven life, with their hormones working for instead of against them. If you want to learn how to truly thrive by taking care of your health and well-being at the deepest level and in the most profound ways, with accountability from someone who has been there, this is the program for you.

What We Focus On


Wearing my Functional Nutritionist hat, we immediately start to test (not guess!) what is happening with your nutrient deficiencies, gut health, food sensitivities, genetics, and hormones. Analyzing these labs alongside your actual symptoms provides the keys to unlocking better health, more energy, balanced moods, easy periods, and great digestion.

Emotional & Mindset

Wouldn’t it be easy if health were just about the food we eat & the supplements we take? But that’s not the case. The emotional parts of ourselves are as key as the physical ones; that means we can’t ignore them. Otherwise, they’ll hold us back! We work to unveil the emotions underneath your health issues, and zero in on mindset tricks that keep you on track.

Soul Work

We all have purpose & lessons to learn in this life. Often, health is a part of both the purpose and the lessons. I support you in deciphering patterns and blocks that are getting in your way, so that you can live out your bigger dreams and purpose. If you’ve struggled to see health issues as your body’s loving call to make changes, this part of the work is essential.

What You Get

In this program, you get support from two highly-trained Functional Nutritionists, individualized protocols that are tailored to your specific needs, email access to Christine Mon-Friday (this is worth it’s weight in gold!), monthly videos that keep you motivated, and if you truly commit, the ability to change your health from the ground-up. This paves the way for your hormones, digestion, blood sugar, thyroid, and brain health to stay on track for the rest of your life, along with helping to protect you from some of the major diseases and illnesses that people face.

This program is for you if:

  • You don’t feel well, despite all the tests your doctor has run saying everything is “normal”
  • You are truly committed to making your health a priority
  • You understand that healing your gut, balancing your hormones, and balancing your blood sugar NOW leads to feeling good for the rest of your life
  • You have BIG AUDACIOUS GOALS for your life, and your health is holding you back
  • You’ve struggled to make long-lasting changes on your own
  • Changing the way you eat or move your body has been a struggle
  • You want specific, actionable items to move the needle on your health that are individualized to you
  • You need a partner-in-crime who sees the best in you and visualizes where you are going
  • You are ready to invest in yourself because YOU DESERVE IT

This program is so effective because…

✔️ It’s “high touch,” meaning we check in consistently to make sure you are maximizing everything you do, and most importantly, that you stay on track

✔️ It’s comprehensive beyond any other program out there – we cover all aspects of health that others miss

✔️ You receive both protocols and action plans that are individualized to your health issues, goals, and dreams

✔️ I help keep you on track through mindset work, energy healing, and consistent reminders of your fierceness & power

✔️ I’m your biggest advocate, and believe in your ability to live the life of your dreams

Diagnostic Solutions GI-Map

Dutch Test

OAT Test

What Do You Get With The Program?

Considering I’m a Functional Nutritionist, we will obviously focus on your physical health as the kick-off. We dive into your health history during a 90-minute initial session, decide on which labs will give us the most information based on your symptoms, and once I receive the results, I craft a 90 day initial protocol to help your body get the results you are looking for.

Want to see an example of a hormone balancing protocol? Look no further than here: Hormone Protocol. Rather see what a gut healing protocol looks like? Here’s one for you: Gut Healing Protocol.

We create a protocol that is specific to YOU and your needs.

Issues in Your Tissues

Every physical issue has an underlying emotional component. So we dive into your emotional systems in order to root out underlying causes of your dis-ease.

I utilize the Body Code, EFT, and other energy modalities to help move emotional blocakages.

I’m not a licensed therapist (and always recommend that you work with one).

What I do is help facilitate the movement of “the gunk that is keeping you stuck” so that your body can do the physical healing work that we are focusing on you based on your labs.

Let’s Talk Magic

Let’s talk about the magic of breaking through previous blocks, feeling more energy than you’ve ever felt in your life, understanding how your body works and how to respond to it (long after you finish your work with me), and having the space to chase and achieve your dreams, whether that’s a new career, more money, deepening your relationships, moving across the world, or any other big audacious goal!

I believe that we NEED magic in our lives in order to create and manifest what we desire. Magic is also essential to help us through the hard time, keeping us grounded.

The way we work magic is to really hone in on mindset. We can happily ride the wave of fully believing in ourselves and our abilities, and then come crashing down when old patterns and beliefs creep in. I know this rollercoaster well! The key to the BIG things happening is not to fight those old patterns and beliefs, but to skillfully work with them in order to come back to the knowing that you are fully capable to achieve anything you want.

I’m here to both point out your strengths and lovingly call you on your excuses (no shame, we literally ALL have excuses that stop us from achieving our goals). If you are open to being held accountable so that you can truly succeed, I’m here to help you stay focused and keep your vision clear.

One Year to a New Life

One year. 12 months. Despite all of the “30 days to” this and “3 weeks to” that that floods our social media, it takes time to get to the root of our health and hormone issues, to make changes and stay consistent with those changes, and to unwind all that we’ve been taught so that we can get to the true essence of who we are.

I’ve created this program to be in a one year container because I want to set you up for health and wellbeing for the rest of your life. No, I’m not saying you won’t have to work on your health anymore after this year, but you will have all the tools to continue your health journey with an innate connection and sense of what is going on in your body.

Because the reality is that I (or any other practitioner) don’t heal you – you heal yourself. I’m here as a guide, a support system, to begin to understand your body’s signals, to tap into your body’s cries, and to navigate the coming years of hormonal changes, health issues, and emotional stresses that are simply a part of life.

The reality is that 90% of our health is in our hands. A lot of people will deny this, will lean on believing that doctors or the food industry should care about and take care of our health, will blame the system for their failing health. While injustices like systemic racism, sexism, poverty, and environmental poisons without a doubt negatively impact the health of many, these fall into that 10%.

The rest of it is up to you, and I’m here to help you understand how empowering it is that the decisions you make on a daily basis are the ones that ultimately set up your health for the rest of your life.

Lovingly (and specifically!) curated

With this program you get:

✔️ An initial 90-minute “workup” session where we dive deep into your health history, concerns, goals, and dreams to create a roadmap for the year

✔️ Five (5) lab tests. We will determine which ones during your workup session, beginning with 2 or 3 tests, and then you will have a chance to retest during our time together so we can make any needed tweaks. (Please note, the 6-month option includes two labs.)

✔️A specially made protocol based on YOUR health history and labs. No cookie-cutter protocols here!

✔️A 1-hour session with Christine monthly to go over your ups and downs, make tweaks if necessary, and to remind you how to stay on course and keep the magic alive.

✔️A 30-minute session monthly with Marieke to hone in on any issues with your protocols

✔️A monthly video session to inspire you on your journey and to think in new ways about blocks you are hitting

✔️ Email access to me Mon-Friday that I will return within 24 hours

✔️ 20% off practitioner-only supplements in my Fullscript dispensary (15% off for 6-month program)

✔️Lots of bonuses (see them below)




Lab Options

Bonuses (For Year-Long Program)

You get full access to my Hormone Breakthrough Blueprint program, worth $2,000.

If you are ready to deep dive into everything there is to know about your hormones, this program is going to give it to you. Live sessions with guest experts, group support, video/audio/written lessons and so much more give you the opportunity to know exactly what is happening with your hormones, and what to do about it.

What’s Your Big, Audacious Dream?

Here’s where to begin to make it happen.

This course is all about manifesting something really big, beautiful, and audacious in your life in the next 30 days, which kicks off our year together.

What’s the biggest issue I see for women when it comes to their hormones?

They have no clue what their hormones should be doing at different points throughout the month.

It’s no wonder – most of us were never taught what the hell is going on in our bodies! And if you don’t know what your hormones should be doing when, how can you possibly figure out why your hormones are out of whack? In this webinar, you’ll learn the basics you should’ve been taught when you were 12!

What’s the connection between money, self-worth, and hormones?

There’s a lot!

Join Money Coach Jen Aly and Functional Nutritionist Christine Garvin where they will share what they’ve learned in working with hundreds of clients between the two of them.
“Christine has a gift to share. She is an incredibly knowledgeable functional health coach. I worked with her on balancing my hormones after major surgery as well as finding nutritional balance for my body. Within 2 months of following her recommendations, I have more energy, am sleeping through the night, no longer have joint aches and have no PMS symptoms.

I feel so in tune with what my body needs in order to feel its best. Her approach creates a beautiful blend of mind, body and soul practices. I am extremely grateful for this work. Thank you Christine!”

Marilynn Whitcher

“Christine Garvin is an heart center functional nutritionist who meets you were you are with no judgement. She is conscious of you as an individual and works collaboratively with you as a whole being. She is not limited by just symptoms and these are the reasons I have chosen to work with her.

She is helping me to heal from the inside out while I am in menopause and experiencing adrenal fatigue. It helps me to go a few steps at a time on my journey of healing my gut microbiome, reducing inflammation, increasing hydration with electrolytes, deepening sleep, and undoing insulin resistance. I really appreciate her approach with supplements and bioidentical hormones. I highly recommend this intuitive functional nutritionist.”

Laurie Alessandra

“I dealt with misdiagnosed, distracting, and frustrating health issues for months before I started working with Christine. She got to the root of the problem quickly and supported me through the process of healing and learning all that I needed to learn to turn my health around.

On the other side I feel like a new person. I can’t recommend working with her highly enough. It’s an investment in your long-term health.”

Jen Aly
Business Coach, Jen Aly Coaching

“Christine has been wonderful in helping me navigate peri-menopause. Her recommendations for diet, supplementation and lifestyle have have helped me to get my crazy, heavy menstrual bleeding under control. My blood sugar is now back into balance so I no longer have those major energy crashes. Also recent labs have shown that my elevated thyroid antibodies are now within functional range! And all this within a few months! I am forever grateful!”

Cristina Gomez-Lane

“After struggling through peri-menopause, IBS, and anxiety for YEARS, I am finally starting to feel whole again with Christine’s help. I started with her Gut Program, and then moved on to her Hormone Breakthrough Blueprint program. My anxiety is at an all-time low, my digestive tract is running smoothly, and my cycle is beginning to balance itself out.

Christine’s the real deal – she just knows more than other practitioners. She is compassionate, and completely committed to helping her clients feel their best. I highly recommend working with Christine to get your health back on track, and feeling your best!”

Monica Bhatnagar


“I can’t say enough positive things about my experience working with Christine! I am a kidney transplant recipient, so my medical history is complex, to say the least. Christine really put in the time and effort to research, above and beyond, to understand the complexities of my condition and how that was impacting my hormones. Multiple medical events happened to me during the time that we worked together, and her guidance was truly a God-sent! She saw me as a whole person and supported me in those difficult times while working together at a pace where I didn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed. She is so knowledgeable, but also willing to find answers when she doesn’t know. That is not something I have experienced very frequently with other health professionals! I felt empowered in learning about my hormones and found I felt more gentle and understanding towards my body, instead of frustrated. I would without a shadow of a doubt recommend anyone dealing with hormonal issues work with Christine.”


I am so ready for this

dive in

Six Month Program (limited availability)


  • Initial 90 minute health history session
  • Individualized protocol based on health history & lab results
  • Monthly 60 minute session with Christine
  • Monthly 30 minute session with Marieke
  • Video
  • Body Code and/or EFT
  • Mindset Work
  • 2 labs
  • 15% off supplements in my Fullscript dispensary

Not included: supplements, retest, bonuses

best value

One Year Program (5 spots available)


    • Initial 90 minute health history session
    • Individualized protocol based on health history & lab results
    • Monthly 60 minute session with Christine
    • Monthly 30 minute session with Marieke
    • Monthly Video
    • Body Code and/or EFT
    • Mindset Work
    • 5 labs
    • Hormone Breakthrough Blueprint
    • Thirty Day Manifestation Play
    • Why Making Yourself #1 Is The Only Way Your Hormones Are Gonna Chill The F Out
    • Money, (Self) Love & Hormones
    • Free spots for any workshop I do during our year together
    • 20% off supplements in my Fullscript dispensary

Not included: supplements


How Do I Work With You?
Because we will be working together for a year, I have found it’s best to get to know each other beforehand to make sure 1. You like me, 2. I like you, and 3. We have determined that we’ll be a good fit and that I can truly help you.

For these reasons, working together 1-on-1 is through an application process only, and we will have a 20-minute “get to know you” session where we can walk through the process of what our work together will look like.

Start by filling out the application, and I will be in touch with you about setting up a time for us to meet. Please note, once I’m full with five people, I will let you know that you will be placed on a waitlist until a spot opens up.

You are always free to reach out to me if I haven’t gotten back to you in a timely fashion, as occasionally applications don’t make it to the top of my inbox.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?
It depends on what is happening with your body, but my clients have:

  • Naturally gotten rid of acid reflux that they suffered from for 20+ years
  • Stopped excessive menstrual bleeding without birth control
  • Gotten rid of long-term anemia
  • Brought their HbA1c down from 5.8 (pre-diabetic) to 4.9 (optimal functional level)
  • Shrunk fibroids & eliminated ovarian cysts
  • Finally get 7-8 hours of deep sleep after years of sleep struggles
  • Removed parasites
  • Eliminated long-term gas, bloating, and loose stools
  • Established a healthy 1-2 bowel movements a day rotation
  • Brought thyroid antibodies down from the hundreds to under detectable limits
  • Switched over from horrible periods and PMS to easy menstrual cycles

And more. What kind of results can you expect? It all depends on what you are dealing with, what we determine as root causes for your health issues, how your body responds to the food, supplement, and lifestyle changes you make, and how well you stick to those changes.

I believe that almost everything has a root cause(s) that we can get to and support the body in the way it needs to thrive.

How Do You Compare to a Functional Medicine Doctor?
I am not a doctor, and therefore cannot diagnose, treat, or prescribe. I work with a doctor’s group to order lab work, and any labs outside of what is covered in the program will not be able to be covered by insurance (insurance rarely covers functional lab work anyway). If you need prescription medication, I cannot do that. What I *do* is work with you from a root cause nutritional perspective, and dive deep into connecting the symptoms you are experiencing with what is showing up on your labs. Sadly, even functional doctors don’t always have the time to do this kind of “deep dive,” nor are they available for weekly or daily email correspondence. On top of my functional training, I’m also a coach, and this is where we get into the good stuff when it comes to mindset and emotions. I’m always happy to refer you to a specialty functional doctor when necessary.
Can You Guarantee Results?
All of the clients I’ve worked with that commit and stay committed to their individualized protocols have seen amazing results. The results you get from this program are all about the time, focus, and committment YOU put into it. Health is your greatest asset! There will be tough times and things that come up in life to sway you off course – the question is, how quickly can you get back on? I’m here to support you to do so faster and better, but it’s up to you to do the work. Because we have gone through the interview process up front to decide if we are a good fit, once you and I are in, we’re in. We both commit to a year (or six months) of working together to get.it.done.

Work With Me

Ready to take your health & life to the next level?

Not ready to commit to a year, or need a more targeted approach, whether that’s for your thyroid or mold illness? Work with one of my highly-qualified team members for 6 months.

Marieke Steen

Marieke Steen is a Functional Nutritional Therapist Practitioner (FNTP) , helping women in in their 40s ditch their migraines and other hormonal issues.

She is a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) from Nutritional Therapy Association, Master Restorative Wellness Practitioner (MRWP), which includes Mastering the Art and Science of Clinical Mastery (Autoimmune conditions, Biotoxin illness, Epigenetics, Neuroinflammation & brain health). Beyond food, she considers your bio individuality, lifestyle and medical history, plus using cutting-edge testing and techniques to get to the root of what’s causing your health issues.

She strongly believes that every person is unique and has his or her unique balance based on lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, social life, activities and relaxation. This is what she wants to help you with: Finding your way (back to) balance and vibrant health!

Marieke specialties: Hormonal Migraines, Perimenopause, Gut Issues, Mold

Vashti Kanahele

Vashti Kanahele is a functional medicine coach who has a deep understanding of the challenges of chronic illness, having overcome Lyme disease, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Her personal experience with these conditions has given her a unique perspective on the complex interplay between environmental toxins, nutrition, and lifestyle factors that can impact health and well-being.

Vashti completed a Master’s Degree in Health Science, became a certified holistic health coach, and completed a rigorous two-year program in applied functional medicine.

Through her work as a functional medicine coach, Vashti has helped many clients who struggle with chronic illness to take control of their health and achieve lasting wellness. She draws on various tools and techniques, including personalized lifestyle plans, targeted supplementation, functional testing, and stress reduction strategies, to support her clients on their healing journey.

Vashti’s specialties: Thyroid Health, Hashimotos, Chronic Illness

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