It’s Day 5 of the 2019 Hormone Summit, and you’ve learned what to do about PMS, skin issues, hormone testing and perimenopause. Now it’s time to learn about when to use bioidentical progesterone with the Healthy Gut Girl herself, Kitty Martone. Kitty has a wealth of knowledge – both professional and personal – when it comes to this aspect of hormonal balance. You’re going to be blown away and understand this approach so much better by the end of the interview. Enjoy!


Click here for Day 6, the final interview with Me 🙂 talking fibroids, ovarian cysts, estrogen dominance and Dutch test results.


About kitty:

kitty martone
Health Educator, Practitioner, Chef

Kitty Martone is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, a certified Nutritional Counselor and certified Master Herbalist. She is known as “Healthy Gut Girl,” hosts the popular podcast, “Stuff Your Doctor Should Know,” and oversees the large FB group, Estrogen Dominance Support Group. She serves adults, children, infants and the special needs community, offering full QRA nutritional testing, detox programs and urban retreats for education and application to help you implement good habits!

2019 hormone summit schedule

Mon, Sep 23rd
Tues, Sep. 24th
Wed, Sep. 25th
Thurs, Sep. 26th
Fri, Sep. 27th
Sat, Sep. 28th
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How to deal with Perimenopause ~ Dr. Anna Garrett

Bioidentical Progesterone and what to do with it ~ Kitty Matrone
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