A Queen’s Approach to Dealing With Fibroids w/ Phyllis Frempong

In this episode of Hormonally Speaking, I talk with Phyllis Frempong, otherwise known as “Fibroid Queen,” about what it means to holistically approach dealing with with fibroids.

Phyllis has a unique view as she is both a registered nurse AND holistic coach. She understands the best of both worlds, but teaches women how to take care of themselves so that yes, their fibroids can actually shrink, even from a large size.

If you have fibroids and are debating using estrogen blocking drugs or going the surgical route, I highly recommend listening to this episode to learn how diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices have a major impact on fibroids. And yes, even if they are 10cm or more in size, you have choices!

As most of you who know me by now understand that I wish I had given myself time to work on shrinking my fibroids before going the surgical route and almost losing my life.

Beyond diving in to diet and lifestyle changes, we discuss the possible reasons why Black women suffer from fibroids even more than white women (by some estimates, up to 90% of black women will have a fibroid by age 50). And Phyllis shares with us the powerful meaning behind using “Queen” as her descriptor, which every woman should take note of!

Phyllis Frempong, “Fibroid Queen” is a Speaker, Registered Nurse, Fibroids Advocate, Certified Fitness & Yoga Coach. She develops programs that focus on hormonal issues and concerns women face everyday, using a holistic approach to Wellness, and personal growth using a proven system that combines Yoga, Fitness and Nutrition.. Phyllis is one of the 90% of women affected by fibroids by the age of 50. She knew her calling was to empower and educate women suffering fibroids holistically as a Fibroid Queen. She reserves her quarterly Womb Wellness events in efforts spread fibroid awareness. Phyllis has gained attention in VoyageHouston mag; inspiring stories as a Hidden Gem and a few local radio show appearances. Phyllis was raised in Bolingbrook, IL, and currently lives in Houston, Texas. She graduated from Governor State University with a Bachelor in Nursing. She has a passion for serving as a mentor and coaching others to live the life they are destined for.

You can connect with Phyllis at her website or on Instagram.

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