A Sacred Pause: Women, Breath, and Hormones In The Time Of Corona w/Sarah Poet

Photo by Nicole McConville (www.nicolemcconville.com)

I’ve got a special episode for you this week that is wildly pertinent for the time we are living in.

Many of us are stressed to the gills due to the lockdown’s impact on our economy and our paychecks, having to keep kids at home all day and teach them, and missing out on physical, in-person connection.

But even with all of the negatives we are experiencing, there’s something deeper and profoundly healing bubbling under the surface.

What if the way we were living before Corona was unsustainable not only for the Earth, but for each of us as women?

What if we couldn’t ever truly heal our adrenals or hormones because of the continuous stress and fast-paced life before CV?

What if this virus is really a reprieve, one that is paving the way for the feminine timeline? For a more balanced world on the other side?

Sarah and I dive deep into these questions and vision the light at the end of the tunnel. If you’ve felt into more spaciousness despite the fear of what is happening and what is to come, this episode provides a roadmap for the future.

Strap in for much more in our conversation below:

Sarah Poet, M.Ed, helps women to remember the sacred truth that lies within them, the truths we often spend many years looking for outside of ourselves. Sarah is the host of the Sacred Remembering podcast for “Modern women waking up to the truth of who they are,” which includes leading conversations on modern feminine leadership through our grounded awakenings.

Sarah is the founder & creator of Embodied Breath, where she is a presence-based teacher, healer, mentor, & coach for women & conscious couples building sacred relationships. What makes Sarah unique is that she doesn’t bypass the difficult stuff on the way to awakening, rather we need to go through it all. Sarah is also an expert on the feminine & masculine archetypes, and how to heal & balance them, within all bodies & relationships. See her TEDx here, and connect with her at her website here.

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