Christine Garvin, MA, NE

Dancer and Transformer

My Story

The only party trick I’ve ever been able to do is flip my tongue from side to side.

I broke my right kneecap in a car accident when I was 17, 4 days before graduating high school, on the way home from lunch after my final exam. The doctors didn’t realize it was broken until two days later, though, but the major gash in my lower leg had already kept me from walking on it.

My cat Greysey is my first and only pet, and he’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me.


Christine is beyond lovely and very inspirational to learn from. She is light, fun, professional and darn good at what she does. She took the time to help me embody the dance, take the dance seriously, but not too serious, and then created a showcase for all of us to perform in…which is something I have not gotten to do since I was a teenager.  I am now enrolled in my third dance series and each time my passion and confidence is sparked at a higher level than before.
Hillary Holmes Dahlhauser


Choreographed and produced the sold-out show, ||12 Days of Alice’s Winter Ashevilleland||, at the Orange Peel, Dec. 2015


Classes that build confidence, ease, and a deeper appreciation for your body.


I offer a variety of workshops for events, festivals, or small gatherings.


Corporate, non-profit, and private event entertainment and lessons.


Teaching kids of all backgrounds and abilities at schools, events, and festivals.


Learn how to tap into your soul and feed its deepest desires in the “Metamorphosis” program.

I decided to move to California on a whim about two weeks after I graduated from college at UNC Chapel Hill. My friend was going to hang out there for a couple of months before heading into the Peace Corps, and all I knew in my heart was that I needed to leave North Carolina (though at the time, I wanted to move to NYC, but was too scared to go alone). I ended up living in the Bay Area for nearly 10 years.

The most amazing 2000 Honda Accord took me across the country three times, once on mostly Hwy 80, the other two times on Hwy 40. It actually went a fourth time on Hwy 40 without me, instead carrying my Mom and Dad back to Rocky Mount, North Carolina from San Francisco.

I am a 4w3 wing on the Enneagram (surprising to some who know me at this point in my life, but not surprising at all to people who knew me growing up). I teeter between being an INFP and INFJ on Myers Briggs.

I have been to almost all 50 states (except for Montana, Alaska, and the Dakotas), Canada, Mexico, Belize, Britain, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Australia. A lot of people assume I’ve been to India, but I haven’t (though I was lucky enough to absorb a lot of Punjabi culture from my Dholrhythms’ sisters in San Francisco). Next on my list: Iceland.

I have performed in front of a crowd of five. I have also performed in front of a crowd of 20,000. Trust me, it is much easier to perform in front of 20,000.

Between 6th and 12th grades, I spent many hours alone in my upstairs bedroom dancing in front of my mirror. It was the main way I dealt with my intense teenage angst, though the only person who really knew about it was my mom, who would get annoyed with the sounds of the squeaky ceiling, convinced it would cave in.

My Masters program in Holistic Health Education changed my life. And the only reason I found out about it was because I got pretty sick at age 23, and there was something in me that didn’t want to take the traditional healing path.

For you astrology buffs, my Sun is in Capricorn (as is my Mars), my Moon is in Scorpio (as is my Venus), and my Rising Sign is Virgo. Yes, I am complicated.

I believe with all my heart that everyone can dance, and should be able to enjoy the feeling of moving their body in simple, complex, small, ecstatic, gigantic ways. I particularly believe it is important for women to connect to their bodies through movement, as every single western woman I’ve met has been taught her body is wrong in one way or another. We are busy healing deep wounds of our lifetime and many others, and a huge one is the disconnection with our bodies as they are, right in this moment. I strive to teach reconnection at base, complete and utter love as the ultimate goal.

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