An Integrative Approach to Healing Vulvodynia w/Hannah Matluck of the V Hive

Do you experience vaginal symptoms that didn’t go away after being treated for yeast or vaginosis? Or do you deal with vaginal burning and itching in the absence of an infection? Then it just may be Vulvodynia.

In this episode, I dive in with Hannah Matluck, who founded the podcast and website V Hive, after her own battle and journey with this not-talked-about-enough painful condition. You’ll learn about the many different approaches that Hannah took to heal her condition, what worked and what didn’t, and how it takes a multi-pronged approach – including pelvic floor therapy, gut health, and something that might surprise you (it did me!) – to get to a place of living pain free.

Hannah decided to share her wisdom by starting a podcast about pelvic floor issues, interviewing some of the top experts in the field on the topic. As she notes: “2 Billion Women Worldwide will experience a pelvic floor disorder at some point — so why aren’t we talking about it? Why do 40% of women still shy away from asking their doctors questions about their intimate health? The only way to share a message of meaning today is to open your mouth and hit the record button. This is how The V Hive came to be.

The V Hive is a platform that offers serviceable content from top medical experts to unapologetically bold women, proudly taking their intimate health into their own hands. The V Hive is a community – no matter where she is on her intimate health journey, no matter the topic. If she’s thought about it, we’ll be here to talk about it, openly & honesty, free of judgment and of stigma.”

Dig in to learn more below:

Hannah Matluck is the founder, producer and host of the podcast and is a certified holistic health and wellness coach. The V Hive was born as a result of her own challenges with chronic pelvic pain. After figuring out how to navigate these complicated issues, she realized how common they are and how infrequently they are discussed, and was eager to bring these topics to the forefront. Hannah thrives on having open conversations about taboo topics that all women should have knowledge on and access to. Listen to the podcast here. Learn more about the V Hive here. 

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