Before Everything Changed

Once upon a time, there lived a fibroid named Ferdie.

Ferdie was born and housed inside the Lady. She didn’t know of his existence until one day, when she was in a rush to get to her royal dance court but realized her menstrual cycle had begun, so she quickly attempted to place a cup of the diva variety inside her holy kitty. It struck her odd that the cup didn’t not go all the way in as it usually did, and so she felt around to determine why. At that moment, she felt Ferdie for the first time, though she didn’t know it was Ferdie, but rather thought it was the big C or some other tragedy.

After much commotion of attempted doctor’s appts and the like – the fun, ease, and spontaneity of the manor’s healthcare system! – the Lady learned it was simply Ferdie who had taken up residence for some unknown reason other than that she was a late 30-something living in the modern country with all of its estrogenic benefits. Quickly, the Lady learned Ferdie had grown past the stage of hormonal intervention, and that was okay as the Lady did not wish to go into early menopause via the avenue that is estrogen suppression.

She reached out and found other ladies in the manor who had dealt with a similar concern, and almost all of them had great outcomes with a removal process called ‘laparascopic myomectomy.’ After giving it a lot of thought, the Lady saw this as the best approach – her blood count had gone into dangerous territory and she felt as if she had grown a tail (Ferdie had taken up residence on her ovary behind her coccyx bone), and given this removal method had the down time of 2-4 weeks, she felt she’d be back to health and the royal dance court in no time whatsoever.

Further complications ensued when she learned the procedure was no longer offered on the manor, with the exception of one doctor who only worked on the manor part of the time. But as luck would have it, a place that specialized in removing Ferdie and the like in a minimally invasive way was not too far from home. The Lady was guided there and happily began the process of having Ferdie make his transition to the outside world.

Not long after, the day came where the Lady packed up her things for the trip to have the simple procedure. She was not really worried – she had talked to many about this and though she had not previously undergone surgery, she looked forward to the downtime after to ponder the bigger questions in life.

Next thing she knew, she had awoken from the procedure and was set up in her room-with-a-view for the night. She was told by all those involved that things had gone just splendidly. She didn’t sleep much and wasn’t really interested in the food that was delivered with the simple touch of a button. But still things seemed normal enough, until the morning and it was time to check out. The Lady then became so nauseous that she started dry-heaving uncontrollably, and, since her abdomen had just been cut into, the shock to her body was great, and she literally fell back into bed. Several methods of pain relievers were offered to her, and she eventually felt strong enough to begin the trek home.

The next several days were filled with little sleep or food, and not too much movement. There were moments of reprieve that offered hope that the Lady had turned a corner, but they didn’t last for long. It was only later that the Lady heard from those who visited how haunted she looked, how sunken her cheeks were, how her skin was almost yellow. Several felt they should say something, but kept quiet so as to not impede her healing process. If only they had known what was to come.

If only she knew what was actually happening.

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