Body L'Amour

A year of learning how to truly love your body

What’s your body story?

You may have no idea what I’m talking about when I ask you that question. You may know EXACTLY what I’m talking about when I ask that question, but you are afraid to answer it.

But our body’s story is what runs the show of our lives. Our body’s story impacts the way we move in the world, the way we act in our relationships, and the way we believe in our inherent worthiness.

How much energy do you spend on dissecting your body? Wishing it looked a different way? Wishing it would do something that it currently won’t?

How much energy do you spend on telling your body how amazing it is? How beautiful it looks? How much you appreciate it for all the goodness it provides you?

If your energy heads more in the direction of dissecting your body and you’re exhausted of it all, it’s time to make a change.

It’s time to learn how to love your body. Really, truly.

Twelve months. Twelve lessons. Consistant Support.

Over the 12 months of 2019, we will dive deep into what loving your body really looks like. Each month has it’s own theme and lesson, which builds on the previous month. Powerful exercises allow you a chance to see what issues are at the core, and shift them from the inside out.

Weekly inspiration for growth, podcasts to support you, and recommended readings round out the practice.

Support and vision comes from not only me, but your fellow Body L’Amour participants in our private group, where you can ask questions 24 hours a day.

Fly, Woman

This program is open to anyone who identifies as a woman. Because it is beyond important to create a safe space for the kind of growth that will happen, I ask that each participant fill out this form before signing up for the program.

Be ready to be shaken, confronted, lifted. To breakout and breakthrough. To be a phoenix, rising from the ashes of who you are today.

Who is this for?

Aging, surgeries, hormonal weight gain, ostomies, bad body image from a young age, autoimmune disorders, car accidents that create pain in the body. Simply disliking your body, just because. All are welcome and included in this safe space.

“I cannot even begin to tell you how much gratitude I have for you allowing me the opportunity to do this program. I see myself (and my life) changing right before my eyes!”

What does your future look like?

Are you ready to live a different life by falling deeply in love with your body?

“Christine, you never know how many people you’ve inspired that are silent. You are an inspiration to me!”

Are you ready to be set on fire?

As you find a different relationship with your body, you’ll see that every other aspect of your life changes too. You’ll be able to make decisions from a place grounded in your body’s intuition. Our bodies without a doubt know what is best for us; we just have to learn how to listen.

“Your knowledge and gentle and supportive way of sharing what you have learned and experienced help set me on a better path.”

2019 is now closed. Join the waitlist for 2020.

Sign up for our Body L’Amour 2020 program waitlist here. Be the first to know when the program opens and receive exclusive early-bird savings.

Ready to find out "What The Hell Are My Hormones Doing?"


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