CGD+T Dancer Certification Spotlight: Alison Pettigrew



Alison (aka Ali or Alie) Pettigrew, 31, Customer Care Coordinator for Galaxy Digital

Note from Christine: Ali (or Alie, as I always write) started taking Hip Hop with me a couple of years ago. Her Hip Hop class inexplicably changed into a performance class (that’s just how it goes sometimes here at CGD+T), and she wasn’t quite ready to jump on that train yet. Soon enough, though, she was stage managing our big holiday show at the Orange Peel in December 2015 (in case you don’t know her, she is a GOOD manager). And she finally felt ready to perform the following March in our Shake Off Winter show, and she did an awesome job. Since then, she has performed with us at LEAF Festival, MANNA Food Bank’s Blue Jean Ball, Hot Summer Nights 80s Meets 90s at Isis Music Hall, and is set to be a GoGo queen at an event in May. She has become an invaluable member of CGD+T, and we wouldn’t know what to do without her! We were so happy that she decided to become a certified CGD+T dancer. Learn more of her story below.

“I danced ballet as a little girl but quickly moved onto other adventures. In high school I did indoor color guard which had a dance element. It challenged me to be graceful. We did one indoor show with Shel Silverstein poems. I got to choreograph my part in the poem “Sick”. I was the main character Little Peggy Anne McKay and it was challenging to come up with my own movements. I truly enjoyed it. I really missed being committed to something that is fun and good for my body. I was very excited to start dancing with Christine. It was more than I ever imagined I would get. Not only did I get a safe and fun place to move my body, I was welcomed into a great and supportive community.”



“I personally have never been one for stretching. I tried yoga and it just wasn’t really my thing. I really enjoyed the Deep Stretch class. It allowed me to experiment with all different kinds of stretches and gave me a nice sense of calm as I ended my evening. One of the best things about the certification is you get to experience multiple styles of body movement.”



“One of my favorite classes I’ve ever taken with Christine is the Contemporary Hip Hop Flow. This class allowed me to start really feeling the movement and expressing my emotions about the song through physical extension. One night when we were rehearsing, Christine sat out and watched. I had also sat out and watched a previous evening so I was not surprised by her reaction. The women in the class made each one of their dances so personal to them that watching it as a group was very moving. When we finished the dance Christine was practically in tears with pride and love for each of us. It was a very special moment.”



“I want to continue to try out new styles. I want to continue the wonderful supportive community that Christine has built. I want to continue to perform and enjoy being a part of the Asheville community.”


“When it comes to becoming certified, I say do it! It’s so much fun and you’ll learn a lot. You’ll get to try out several classes and see what you really love. Additionally, you can’t go wrong joining this amazing group.”



“I believe it is important to make time

and commitments to yourself. Dancing is a great one.

I have found it very fulfilling and enjoyable.







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Interested in learning more about the certification program? Go here for all the details.

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