CGD+T Dancer Certification Spotlight: Crystal Edwards


Crystal Leigh Edwards, 31, Assistant General Manager 

Note from Christine: Crystal is one of our first dancers to become a certified CGD+T dancer. I am floored by how far she has come since beginning dance classes with me last summer; not only has she put a lot of time and effort into our program, but she has also been training at Kathleen Hahn’s Danceclub in pole and in a variety of dance forms at Studio Zahiya. She is the type of student we teachers love – excited, engaged, always striving to improve, and dedicated. Plus, she’s a genuinely sweet and bubbly person! I’m so happy to spotlight her and the work she has done in her dance world. Check out her story in her own words (and photos) below:

“I took my first dance class one year ago. I have been very fortunate to learn from wonderfully supportive teachers. There have been internal struggles for me – some body image concerns and just getting the moves right – but I have been surrounded by dancers who have helped me along the way in a non-judgmental way and for that I am so very grateful!”


“The biggest highlight for of the certification for me was the Jazzy Cabaret series. I was challenged in new ways and was honored to be among an amazing group of ladies that got to perform at the Condom Couture at the Orange Peel! Christine does an amazing job of teaching choreography – encouraging us to focus and have fun at the same time. Michelle’s Spring Kweening class has been really uplifting! It’s the first time I’ve ever practiced singing and dancing at the same time. It’s fun, challenging and heart-warming. There’s nothing quite like singing with this group of ladies!”


“I experienced a range of emotions in the hours leading up to the Jazzy Cabaret performance: excitement, nervousness, anxiety, etc. I was a little teary-eyed (right after make-up!) and Shawna helped me curl my hair and really brought me back to the thrill of it all. It was a sweet moment I’ll never forget!”

I want to keep learning, keep performing, and

enjoy every moment along the way.

I would love to teach others one day!” – Crystal Edwards


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Interested in learning more about the certification program? Go here for all the details.

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