The Changing Landscape of Sexual Health In Medicine w/Dr. Heather Quaile

Sexual pain, postpardum, perimenopause and menopause care, post-cancer survivorship.

These are all powerful areas that impact so many women’s lives, and yet we don’t have spaces of support in the medical industry or society at large.

Dr. Heather Quaile aims to change that.

Sexual health is an area that needs to opened up on multiple levels, from healthcare to legislation, and this is where Heather does her work. Viewing sexual pain from a bio/psycho/social approach, she believes in trauma-informed care that comes from a multitude of providers, including allopathic doctors and functional practitioners.

We talk about specific instances of pain, including in menopause and with vulvodynia, and how we need to take a multi-pronged approach is supporting healing.

We also chat about how important it is to educate girls on their bodies to change the whole paradigm, so that when they are women, they will experience less pain.

Learn about Heather’s work in legislation around women’s health happening in Georgia (which mirrors a lot of what is going on nationwide in the US), and well as educating about trans rights.

We also dive into the $150 billion sex trafficking industry, what Heather is doing to fight it, and how each of us can, too.

This interview covers SO MUCH of what is important in women’s health today. It’ll connect some major dots for you in your own sexual health journey.


Dr. Heather Quaile (She/Her/Hers) is a board certified, women’s health nurse practitioner with specialty training in female sexual medicine and vulvoscopy, from San Diego Sexual Medicine with renowned sexual medicine physician Dr. Irwin Goldstein. She has focused her training specifically in Integrative Gynecology to include: menopause, female sexual dysfunction, sexuality and cancer, sex and pregnancy, and integrative/functional medicine. Dr. Quaile is also trained as a sexual assault nurse examiner and a sex counselor, providing sexual health education, information and personalized counseling to patients of all ages. Dr. Quaile has been working in all aspects of women’s healthcare for over 20 years caring for women of all ages across the health-illness continuum. Her expertise includes peri/menopausal concerns, pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, low libido in women, interstitial cystitis, effects of cancer and cancer treatments on sexuality, pregnancy/postpartum sexuality, and female sexual health. You can find her at her website.

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