Client Appreciation

“I feel SO much healthier than I did at this time last year. I truly have you to thank for that. Your guidance was generous, intuitive and incredibly helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Mary E.

“Christine was the first nutritionist I ever met with, and working with her over the course of about a year had a very positive impact on the way that I approach food. Not that I wasn’t eating somewhat healthily beforehand, but Christine was able to point out some key foods I didn’t tend to eat that would be good for me (both health-wise and taste-wise) to try out, while at the same time offering alternatives to some foods that may have been a bit more processed than I thought they were. I still rely on some of her handouts when I make my shopping list.” – Michael B.

“My whole experience of meeting with Christine was great. The information came from an educated and trusted source, one who did not try to make me change my vegan ways in order to get the nutrients needed. It has been a few weeks since I met with Christine and I am noticing a difference all around in my moods, hunger times, and GI regularity. I am also starting to feel better about my overall self image, as she gave me some tips on that at the follow-up consultation. Christine is one smart lady who wants to help you and your body become the healthiest it can.” – Michelle S.

“Thanks so much Christine for your time and insightful health information. I hopefully will incorporate these valuable tools into my daily regime.” – Susanne B.

“I am impressed with Christine’s extensive knowledge of nutrition and holistic health therapies. Since she is so well-rounded, she is able to find the therapy that is best suited for each particular client. Plus, she is very intuitive — a key trait for effective healers.
I’ve struggled with inconsistent sleeping patterns, restless nights and regulation of energy for years, and conventional medicine therapies only made me feel worse. After incorporating Christine’s suggestions for diet, I started sleeping regularly and am beginning to have a predictable amount of energy each day. My improved digestive health has really been life changing for me.” – Megan R.

“I greatly appreciated the time you gave me — the research you did to prepare in considering my medical condition and how to better care for myself through nutrition and health. I felt strongly it was an holistic approach of mind, body and spirit using some unique modalities. Even though our sessions were on the phone, I still felt a clear sense of connection and care. I appreciated your light touch and humor as well! You didn’t push; you gave feedback, insight and great resources and I am still using them. When you didn’t know the answer — you didn’t fake it, you got back to me. A really positive experience and I will definitely consult with you again!” – Anne C.

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