Developing Emotional Mastery With Monica Obando


Stress is very complex, and so many of us are dealing with it on a very extreme level, and it deeply affects our health.

These stressful situations that we find ourselves in can go back to parts of  our life that we don’t necessarily remember or understand, but how do we  get access to those past stressors that are still showing up today and  really work through them?

My guest today will help you learn how to work through these issues so you can live a truly happy life. Monica Obando, a Colombian born American industrial designer by profession, discovered her passion for helping others by becoming a clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapist.

Her soul searching journey took her to combine her love for the arts and her passion for yoga and hypnosis to create a new transformational modality that has helped 1000s to create incredible life changing breakthroughs.

What We Discuss:

✨What is hypnosis and what does it do

✨The problem with running away from your inner self

✨What issues women come to Monica with

✨Balancing hormones and emotions

✨How ancestral pain impacts us in our current lives

We can’t get rid of stress completely, that is just not a realistic goal, but learning about the root cause of a lot of stressors can help you work through them in a healthier way. Learn more by watching the interview below:

Monica Obando is a Colombian-born American, Industrial Designer by profession who discovered her passion for helping others by becoming a Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. Her soul-searching journey took her to combine her love for the arts and her passion for yoga and hypnosis to create a new transformational modality that has helped thousands to create incredible life changing breakthroughs.

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Christine Garvin 0:02
Hey, everyone, and welcome to this week’s episode of hormonally speaking, we are talking today about one of my favorite areas. I’ve talked about it before on the podcast. And it’s really dealing with something that is so important for hormones. And that is stress and what to do about stress, right? Because so many of us are under these stressful sort of situations that go back to maybe parts of our life that we don’t necessarily remember or understand. And so how do you get to those areas? And how do you work with those areas on a different levels so that your hormones can balance out? So we’re gonna be talking about that today and a lot more. My guest is Monica Obando who is a Colombian born American industrial designer by profession, who discovered her passion for helping others by becoming a clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapist, her soul searching journey took her to combine her love for the arts and her passion for yoga and hypnosis to create a new transformational modality that has helped 1000s to create incredible life changing breakthroughs. You can find her at on IG at mobando. Welcome, Monica.

Monica Obando 1:13
Thank you, Christine, thank you so much. And I’m so honored to be here and your podcast is amazing to be connected, and being able to educate people about hypnosis and how it can help with the hormones.

Christine Garvin 1:26
Yes. So let’s start off with some basics for people that probably most people have heard of hypnosis, but they don’t necessarily have the right idea about hypnosis or hypnotherapy. So give us just the basics of what it’s all about and what it does,

Monica Obando 1:42
yes, so hypnosis pretty much is a changing state of awareness. And it’s an increase relaxation that allows the people to improve their focus and improve that concentration that we all need. Because nowadays, we are so unfocused we are all the time in social media and cell phones and running here and there that we don’t, you are unable to focus, we are unable to concentrate. So hypnosis is really really good therapy to do that, to help you do that, and to help you connect to your own self.

Christine Garvin 2:11
And so people that maybe have an idea of, you know, someone getting on a stage and being hypnotized. What’s the difference really, between what’s going on there? And what you do.

Monica Obando 2:25
That is actually one of the biggest misconceptions that I get the question that I always ask am I going to be doing the barking like a dog champion or stuff like that, like in a stage hypnosis, and that’s totally different, because obviously, stage is for a public for, it’s a scenario for people to see, to laugh to enjoy the moment. So but the idea here in therapy is that you are never going to be under anybody’s power, you’re never going to be fully asleep or anything like that, on the contrary, while in hypnosis, in the therapy session, you’re going to be your senses are going to be more acute, everything is going to be more open. And we are able to access the subconscious mind where you have everything, store the memories, everything without any emotion. So that’s where we are tapping into the past situations, experiences that you had that created that trauma that created something new that you now feel that you need to change. So obviously, it’s completely different. And in those moments is where you can access that there are many, many, so many, so many, so much information within that you had some memories that you even forgot about it. Some people come to my practice, and they say I don’t remember anything of my childhood, or maybe from five years prior, I don’t remember anything. So you’re, you’re blocking so many memories or experiences that were negative to you, and created traumas that they created. So so many bad emotions within that you don’t want to remember. So hypnosis is really helpful to go in going back and help you remember all that stuff.

Christine Garvin 3:57
Yeah, and I just want to say from personal experience, you know, I did sort of I call it regular talk therapy, you know, for probably, I don’t know, four or five years in my 20s. And I remember at the end of that, seeing a Hypnotherapist. Right. And what happened in one session of hypnotherapy. Like you were just saying, these memories that came back during that session. And I remember it feeling very interesting, because I remembered remembering those memories, but I hadn’t actually had the remembrance of those and so long, right? So it was like, that happened as a kid. And I can remember as a kid having those memories, but then they you know, whatever life took over and we can push those things down. And so that was what was so powerful to me about that situation, right? You’re like, oh, wow, we really are such a whole world inside of ourselves that we don’t even know

Monica Obando 4:54
realize exactly. And not only be seeing those memories, but having the opportunity to transform them. Right, because obviously at the time, you blocked them for everything, because you really want to go back and visit them. And because it makes you feel stressful, feeling emotional and feeling those negative emotions, bringing everything back, but going back and seeing it reliving it transformative is that’s the, that’s the beauty of this kind of therapy.

Christine Garvin 5:19
And it really does connect to so much of who we are in adults, right, those things that happen as kids that we may have, you know, suppress those memories. And we don’t realize that as we’re moving through our everyday lives as adults, they are impacting how we how we pattern how we, you know, react in relationships, how our hormones are going to be, you know, on a daily basis, and, and I would say, you know, it’s so interesting, just within my practice, I see, you know, in our 20s, often, we’re able to kind of push past a lot of things right and just kind of be in this Go Go Go mode, that our bodies are sort of primed to do that. And then you start you get in your 30s, in, you’re still able to do that, maybe not to the extent but then as your 30s creep in, it gets harder and harder to do that push past everything right, and to sort of make your body continue to do things that it’s just not interested in doing anymore, right. And so the problem too, yep. And so certainly, when you get into your 40s, that’s when we start to see so many hormonal issues, because it’s been this buildup of years, right and sort of running, I don’t want to say running away from things but just filling your life so much that you don’t necessarily connect to those things that are really impacted your hormones.

Monica Obando 6:43
Yeah, like you say, running away, perhaps is another way to say but is the way to say, because the problem is that that’s what we’re doing, we are running away, there are so many outlets that we use drugs, alcohol, sex, many things that we use to the way we can isolate completely from the reality who we truly are. So that’s the problem too, when people are meditating, so many people, they don’t even want to try to meditate. Because meditations mean sitting down being quiet and connecting to the inner self. So that’s where the inner critic, the inner judgment, everything comes to, and you don’t want to hear those voices. You don’t want to be connected to that stuff, because that makes you suffer. But the problem is that you don’t realize that as you bypass the suffering, because in reality, that’s no surprise who you truly are. And you need to observe, you need to go dig deep within your soul and see what exactly is happening. And then you bypass that and you find peace, clarity, Freedom completely from that baggage that you keep carrying. That’s something that as we grow, we become programmed. That’s the problem become programmed by our parents, family members, teachers, school, everything around us from zero to seven years old, is programming, programming. And usually those programs are wrong, either sadness, anxiety, they fear, that stress, all that stuff. And that makes a little kid confused, totally confused, as, as we keep growing up, we don’t have the tools, emotional tools to confront to live the life that we truly want. So we create a false sense of personality. So that’s hypnotherapy good for because he helps you to remove all those layers of pain, of sadness, of fear all those negative emotions and find help you find real in reality who you truly are. Hmm,

Christine Garvin 8:25
I love that and I love thinking about, you know, particularly as women get into their 40s and start hitting perimenopause as a time of life that says, hey, come back to yourself. You know, we’re, it’s in some ways, a forced way of coming back to yourself, because you have to pay attention to your body on a different level because of the fluctuating hormones, right, all of these symptoms come up. And I so often say this to clients, you know, it’s like, you can eat all the right foods, you can take all the right supplements, you can do the movement. But if you have this, these traumas that are underlying that are waiting to be heard, you know, things aren’t, it’s not going to give until you really work with them. And exactly, yeah, and I think that’s why hypnotherapy is so, so powerful. So tell us how you actually got into it in the first place.

Monica Obando 9:14
I moved from Colombia back more than two decades ago. So when I moved here, it was because of the political situation, the financial situation or many things and at the same time, my emotional state, I wasn’t feeling good enough in there, my self esteem was really low. So I thought that moving to another country, everything was supposed to leave to be left behind. And I was thinking that I was supposed to start a new life and the joy and freedom like that, and I was so wrong, because everything comes with me, within everything, everything. So that’s when I realized, and even worse, because at the time I didn’t speak the language. I didn’t have the culture. So it was a crash in a way but it wasn’t crash because I allow me to grow within I allow me to show my true self my greed, you know, because we go to where we want to go and we can do it. So everybody can do it is depending on how far you want to go and how, how much are you willing to give to get where you want to go. So back in 23rd 2011, I was suffering from arthritis, my body, you know, wasn’t working really, at all my joints were in so much pain. So I started doing bee sting therapy. So that’s therapy that was really good. I did it for seven months. And I no more pain after that really good therapy, but it barbaric a lot of the times. And then like you said, you know, I changed the way I ate, I will change so many things. But then I started digging deep. And I realized, after studying and learning more about emotions, I discovered that holding anger, grudges towards somebody makes you feel stiff, like you don’t, you cannot move. So that is the emotional part of the arthritis. So then I decided to join to become a yoga teacher. So when I was doing the yoga for that year, becoming a teacher, I had an epiphany and a moment that I was doing some movement. I removed some, some emotional scar that I had in my body and so many things, many, many memories from when I was five years old came to my mind. And I discovered why my self esteem was the way I was and, and why I felt the way I felt. So it was like an epiphany. It was eye opening at the moment I cry cry and everybody in the class, they were so kind, they hug me and it was a beautiful circle of souls healing each other. Then after in 2015, I had the opportunity to in 2014, I had the opportunity to go to school because I discovered hypnotherapy rediscover, because the first time that I heard about it was when I was 12 years old that I read the book many lives, many masters. So when I read it, I was in love with that with that topic in particular. And then I was curious about it. And I found a school here in Tampa in Florida. And I went to school, and then I became the same day that I graduated, I just opened my practice without you know, thinking twice. I had a good job at the moment. But it wasn’t fulfilling. I wasn’t feeling I was so miserable. So like No, it wasn’t it was a leap of faith pretty much. And it was a leap of faith because then you start discovering your purpose in life to serving others, helping others and then learning about that, how you can help helps you at the same time. So it’s the giving and receiving dynamic and is beautiful. And since then, I have seen so many people, women in particular because I love to work with men and women, because we are the moms we are the nurturers we are the wives we are you know, to me, we are the foundation of the world.

Christine Garvin 13:12
Absolutely. So what do a lot of those women come to you with initially? Are they saying okay, I’m, you know, I’m so stressed out? Or what are the kind of the big reasons,

Monica Obando 13:25
mainly anxiety but anxiety as always is a consequence of something deeper. So that’s the beauty of it. Because you generalize you say anxiety, but you don’t realize you don’t even know. So when we go back, you know, they start discovering that many, many many things that they had like oh my gosh, and they had the the inner child that is so wounded in many different ways in many different ages and many different times for many different reasons that they are you know, those those sessions are extremely emotional, extremely, that is courageous you know for someone to go there I always applaud them because it’s not easy to place it right we so we say we have all shadows and demons and we just push them away you know put them in the closet and we don’t want to know about him but they are banking banking and pushing you off when you open and embrace them and love them and recognize them for who they are. Then they become the shadow becomes a light and then the demons because your angels so it’s love pure love because it’s self love self compassion and that’s the journey about

Christine Garvin 14:34
so how long does it usually take, you know for these sort of shifts to happen within people.

Monica Obando 14:41
Usually people they see a shift in the first session immediately they see a completely because obviously you go in a level of frequency that is a lower frequency that is the anxiety and your aura in your body. So then when you remove layers of pain, you obviously your frequency goes up I suppose up. So when your frequency rises, you feel immediately different. So people experience something that I call emotional hangover. That is when they feel empty, but it’s an empty, empty in a good way. Right? So but they don’t know how to describe that emptiness.

Christine Garvin 15:17
And I’ve never experienced that before. Knowing all this stuff. Yeah,

Monica Obando 15:21
yes, like you said, we are carrying and filling and filling and filling but then never letting go. So we are so used to the heavy shoulders we are used to, to the stress, we used to anxiety that we don’t even know how to leave without that stuff. So when they start feeling and sensing is like, Oh, wow, it’s a new, it’s like removing the veil from your eyes, you see everything from a different perspective, different colors, everything looks totally different. So is is amazing. And it’s beautiful to see that transformation happening in such a short amount of time. So I usually recommend people five to six sessions, but again, they start seeing the difference in the first one right

Christine Garvin 15:58
away. And, you know, you kind of referenced more, I guess some of the emotional things that start to shift. What are some of the physical things that you see,

Monica Obando 16:08
as far as emotional, obviously, they adapt projects into the physical, so you’re gonna start I had a lady the other day, she had arthritis too, and her fingers and toes, everything was kind of like curled, curling and then swollen. But then she started realizing that she needed to forgive her mom, because her mom was driving her crazy. And she blocked completely her childhood memories, and, you know, normal pain, her joints start to the swelling start to decrease, and she had more mobility, she was amazed about that stuff. And he was only basing his childhood memories and understanding, understanding, in particular, why she felt the way she felt towards her mom.

Christine Garvin 16:48
And so powerful. And, you know, as I mentioned earlier, it’s when we’re talking about hormones, it’s such an important aspect to go back and deal with this trauma that’s often hidden from ourselves. Can you talk a little bit about the connection there, particularly, you know, between stress and absolutely,

Monica Obando 17:09
absolutely, the reason people come with anxiety with stress, obviously, that the stress hormones go really high, so the immune system goes down. So there is no way for you to heal. So like you say, in your 40s you start developing so many thickness and hormonal imbalances that you don’t even realize where it’s all that coming from. So, you start addressing with food with hormones with therapy, but then there is the component that is the emotional side. So there I always say is mind, body, emotion, and spirit and we all need to address all four for us to be able to be balanced, completely balanced. So my side is the emotional part the spiritual side as well. So but obviously there is doctors there is there is you like nutritionists, there is people that work in the other in the other areas. But as we go holistically working together, helping people, obviously people they feel and they understand and they notice immediately the transformation, the balance, the increase in energy, the increasing light and love and compassion and, and that is something that they not only feel, but they give as they feel, they transmit that to others. So it’s because we are the human network. So everything that we feel we transmit. So that’s the beauty when when you see one mum is not only you that you’re fixing just a mum, you’re fixing the entire family, because you you teach mum how to cook, how to eat, and they, it’s going to be giving that gift to everybody around. So we are raising pretty much the next generation.

Christine Garvin 18:37
Right. And again, it goes back to that we have to fill up our own cup before we’re able to give others to right it’s totally there’s so much focus still to this day on women just giving giving, giving, giving giving, and our bodies are not meant to do that you know our hormones do not thrive in that kind of environment you know, we need to be able to receive and then we can give from that place. Yeah, and I liked that you put together you know emotional and spiritual and i i also subscribe to that you know idea I think a lot of times maybe we can see emotional as one aspect. But in reality the emotions are so deeply connected to our soul right and so whatever kind of belief system that you have around spirituality you know, it’s if you have anything that sort of connects to the soul it’s this is the lessons that we need to learn and the patterns that we want want to break so that we can actually enjoy our lives exactly

Monica Obando 19:40
to realize because obviously to break we need to realize bring awareness to those patterns and why are they happening so we can break them and and having those breakthroughs in sessions are incredible when people realize that stuff is like oh my gosh, and then after the sessions I asked him to journal to reach like because that’s the beauty about the journal. And it’s not just journaling for the sake of journaling, but it’s about learning about ourselves and having a tangible, something in writing. So people will go back and read and see, oh my gosh, this, this is how much I have changed. So it’s a moment of grace for them to be grateful about how they have changed the time they invested the money they invested in the gift that they are giving to their own selves, like you say, filling their own cup. So that way they can give to everybody else and heal their bodies as well. balancing hormones, removing that stress, removing all that anxiety or that heightened state of, of emotions and balancing them out. So everything is going to change no matter what.

Christine Garvin 20:43
Yeah, absolutely. Do you ever find, you know, say somebody has done five to six sessions with you? And they’re feeling good. That may be a couple of years later, they need to either do a tune up, or there’s something else that has arisen for them?

Monica Obando 21:00
Yes, that’s pretty common. Actually, I recommend people maybe come in after the sessions entire the entire sessions, like maybe every six months or a year, because we all usually leave it we live so it’s coming at us. Yes. It’s like I always call the emotional spa, you know, you go to your spa, every month, you do your facials every month, because you get the pollutants you get, you know, and you want to look beautiful, it’s exactly the same. Yeah, obviously, everything is gonna be perceived different, you’re gonna see different things, and even past lives, because sometimes you have triggers that you don’t realize, you know, what’s happening? Why is this happening if I remove all this baggage at this moment, so when they come, then all of a sudden, they go back, jump to a previous life? You know, so in previous life, there are so many things to address. So that’s when we keep the work.

Christine Garvin 21:48
So let’s talk about that for a minute. Because I find that, you know, I love past life stuff. And I certainly have talked to multiple psychics into in intuitives, over the years, so I know a lot about, you know, at least a few of my past lives. But for people that aren’t sort of aware of that, or haven’t been introduced to that, and particularly in a therapeutic setting, how does that end up showing up? You know, is it that people just have memories that they know aren’t from this life or, or how

Monica Obando 22:17
they see they see, that depends how you portray, but I always like to ask them to go like in the witness perspective, so like, narrating the situation, because sometimes it’s painful to see what they need to see. So I don’t want them to be suffering on racing their hormones or stuff like that, right? We’re physically present. So they see what they need to see, one time. One example is I had a lady, she came, she had a jaw pain, it was so much in her face, but she couldn’t, she couldn’t. She went to many doctors, many people and just pain medication because they couldn’t find anything wrong. Everything was perfectly fine in this physical body. But then when we went back, it was in our life, say 1700s, or something like that in Italy. And it was this girl, she was this girl 12 years old, that she was in a carriage and the carriage overturn. And she was ejected and the carriage crushed her jaw her face. So but she didn’t even realize even Right, right, that was so painful, in a way for her to see. Yeah. But then at the same time, after the session, it was done. No more pain. No more pain, and it was powerful. So is this kind of therapy? present life past life is? It’s powerful.

Christine Garvin 23:38
Pretty cool. So when you are walking somebody through a situation like that, where they’re going into a past life? Are they starting to speak of that past life? Like how do you know? How does it

Monica Obando 23:52
start? Yeah, cuz I gave him prompts. So I asked them, What do you see give me you know, describe the surrounding? Are you where you choose or not, you know, your skin color your female or male question. So that way, they are not as confused. So they, it’s easy for them to navigate that life. So it’s no it’s no, sometimes it looks like a movie I have done when I had that in mind. They are like, like movies. They were like, Whoa, what is you know? And it’s it’s amazing. See that stuff I’m living I’m feeling all that stuff and more understanding why do you feel in this present life the way you feel? Because you are bringing all that stuff from a previous life. So when you have that understanding that you are not living the life anymore, that is good for you to bring the knowledge by No, the pain or the emotional charge is the knowledge you know, so that knowledge serves your purposes in this life. And again, that’s going back to remember who you truly are when you begin to acquire and remember remember just all that notice and all of this sudden it’s like wow, awakening.

Christine Garvin 24:56
Yeah. It’s so amazing when you really think about it. Anything that’s contained in our bodies, right, it’s, you know, not just this life. And then of course, there’s the, you know, passing down via generationally, you know, ancestrally, all of that kind of stuff, too. And so sometimes it’s a little mind blowing, right? Because it’s like, how can we even deal with all these things, but I like that, you know, approach with hypnotherapy that you can, the important stuff can come up and you can just kind of process it, move it through. Right. And, and I think that, you know, we all need so much of health issues, not just hormone issues is really that sort of stunted processing system, right? Yes. It’s just things didn’t get a chance to make their way. All the way through. Yeah, yeah.

Monica Obando 25:46
So and it’s having that understanding that brings you the clarity. So you know yourself in a deeper level, so you can accept yourself for who you are. That’s the problem. You know, we are nowadays like we don’t accept ourselves, people going women going into their 40s. They find lines are beginning to appear instead of loving them, we criticize them and then inject as many things and all of a sudden, the mind the body dysmorphia becomes an issue. Because all of a sudden, we don’t recognize the picture from 10 years ago to now is like who? Who this? Right, right. Right. Right. Yeah, more pain, more lack of understanding more in conformity comes to you. So is is sad. It’s hard. Right? Right. It’s hard. But then, you know, it gets in my practice. I see a lot of that body dysmorphia, lots of surgeries, loss of facial procedures, stuff like that, that that women they don’t you know, is and the more they do, the more they reject themselves, right? It’s incredible. So when they start coming back and reconnecting is incredible, because they said, this detox, the emotional, physical detox, so is mind blowing, to see that beautiful transformation.

Christine Garvin 26:59
That’s such a important area that I wouldn’t have even thought about, right? And because it’s such a common place in our culture now to jump to, you know, plastic surgery, modifications, all those kinds of things, and like, you know, women trying to keep up with other women. And, you know, while certainly no judgment on anybody that’s doing any of those things, you know, I never thought about the fact of hypnotherapy really, sort of getting in and creating space to make maybe different decisions around that, right? Because you aren’t, you aren’t moving from the sort of outward thing of okay, I see all this around me. It’s like, a lot of times women are almost outside of themselves, you know, to do these things to sort of keep up with the world around them versus coming back in and you know, something like, breast implant illness is a fascinating thing, right? Because it’s, we’re starting to see such a major increase in it. And I think it’s probably a major increase in diagnosing it, you know, that these things have been happening for long periods of time. And while certainly, you know, women that have maybe lost their breasts to cancer, I can completely understand wanting to get breast implants. But yeah, to sort of have that body reaction happening. That’s also a callback to themselves to Yeah. And so yeah, I think that’s, that’s a really cool twist on the hypnotherapy that I hadn’t even thought about before. So thank you for bringing that up. Yeah, absolutely. Coming back to yourself again. And again, I love this.

Monica Obando 28:35
And that’s so many, you know, so many things like you say, the ancestral pain, I have gone in hypnosis, to back to great grandparents, you know, visiting their memories, because everything is encoded in your DNA, you can go back and find all those memories. And all the sudden you see people that you didn’t even know, but you recognize that you’re there, your ancestors and how they suffer. They think they leave that suffering, they had so much in different ages and time. Yeah. So you begin to understand where you’re coming from. And again, you see yourself with more compassion, and you understand them instead of criticizing them or judge them. So you see them so in a different way, completely. So that’s that’s the point when you begin to understand that you reflect into others what you don’t like about you, but there’s something that you don’t understand at the moment. But when you see it is like Oh, my man, that that’s the reason why so it makes you humble, makes you understanding and makes you loving. Yeah. Different.

Christine Garvin 29:37
So when you do you do hypnotherapy with someone else, or do you do self hypnosis?

Monica Obando 29:43
No, I do both. I do both. Yes, I do both. And is something that I always go to maybe every two years I go and visit because it’s important. It’s important for my growth, to see you know, we’re always in a different place in time, so we are moving forward. So the idea is to find clues, you know, if we if I if any way to, for me to, to move forward in a different way, if it’s anything that I need to know, it’s anything that needs to be given to me, because sometimes what I do is connect into higher self to as my version of myself in a different state of heightened state of my soul. So things are given to me clues, stuff, you know, that only, you know, and you know exactly when to use them, those tools or those gifts that are given to you. So it’s, it’s important to do that as well. And that I do.

Christine Garvin 30:37
Yeah, and I think that that’s really important for people to hear and understand too, because I think, you know, one of the things culturally too, on really anything health related is this, you know, 30 days to whatever this body or you know, you do this, you know, approach for supporting your mental health, like four times and you’re good to go forever, you know, and that’s just just like, you won’t maintain muscle. If you stop going to the gym, all of these things. Are you continuous in a way, right? You know, it’s just like in certainly, you know, you can have some power packed times where you take care of a lot, but you’re gonna need to do tuneups mentioned

Monica Obando 31:21
all the time, my body’s feet and so we all need to be in that communion all the time. As long as we live in this physical body. That’s something that we need to do.

Christine Garvin 31:32
Yeah, and especially in a world that’s like so hectic, right? So inundated all the time. So do you just work one on one or do you do group programs too?

Monica Obando 31:42
I have done group programs. So and it’s beautiful because when I do group programs, I see a lot of pain sir razor facing, but at the same time, we saw a lot of transformation. So people at the end they talk about the people you know, commenting about their experiences. It’s amazing when when you see that is is fulfilling. Yeah, absolutely.

Christine Garvin 32:05
Well let people know how they can contact you.

Monica Obando 32:09
Yes, they can go to www dot Monika Mo Ni CA, Obando, OBE and And I am having right now a program called overcoming the toxic mother program. And they are overcoming the toxic mother trauma program. So this program is geared to daughters of toxic mothers. So you know, because we all again, as I say at the beginning, we are women, we need to remove all the emotional baggage or the negative charge that we have created by our own mothers. And if we become mothers, we are going to be the best best we just cut all those chains of pain that we’ll have been carrying, that has been for so long and says shopping and we no longer need that stuff. So I

Christine Garvin 32:54
love that for so many expecting women. I mean that yes, just Yes. Oh, yeah. Talking about powerful going in and really setting yourself up for you know, a good successful relationship. Yeah, in the

Monica Obando 33:08
stopping that chain. No more No more pain and the generations to come right in the future.

Christine Garvin 33:14
Yeah, that’s amazing. And then also people can find you on Instagram

Monica Obando 33:18
or on Instagram. Yes, I mobile on the coach. Perfect. Well, thank

Christine Garvin 33:23
you so much. This was amazing. Such a good conversation. I love that we were able to, you know, it’s not just about sort of hypnotherapy. And in this moment, it encompasses all of these different aspects of who you are. And I think that that’s so, so cool, and hopefully, mind opening for people that haven’t necessarily gone there before that are listening to the podcast.

Monica Obando 33:46
Absolutely. Thank you, Christine, for inviting me and allowing me to share this gift to the world.

Christine Garvin 33:51
Absolutely. All right, you guys, thank you for being here and I will see you next week.

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