Everything You Need To Know About Peri & Menopause w/Kristin & Maria of Wise + Well

Think you know everything there is to know about perimenopause and menopause?

Or maybe you know very little about either?

Either way, today’s episode is going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

I’m talking with Kristin and Maria of Wise + Well, who form a “deep bench” when it comes to mid-life, and they showcase their expertise in shifting hormones, symptoms, hormone replacement therapy, diet and lifestyle factors, and cutting-edge research.

Get ready to be educated on:

The misinformation and buzzword approaches to these phases of life, and how to tune out the noise

It’s not just about hormones: lipids, thyroid, bone health and more are impacted in peri and menopause

Why it’s so important to keep hormone receptors open, which means you might need to bring in BHRT earlier than you think

Focusing on the right kind of diet and lifestyle approaches to maintain bone mass and energy for the rest of your life

And so much more!

Get ready to take some notes, and throw out some ideas you had about this important time of life:

Maria, an FDN practitioner, and Kristin, a Board-certified nutritionist, are plainspoken friends and practitioners who share a passion for women’s health, especially women’s health at midlife. As both are themselves menopausal, they’ve refined the art and science of thriving as a midlife woman based on both clinical and personal experience. They combine individualized nutrition and lifestyle changes tailored to midlife women’s needs with mindset coaching, lab testing and hormone replacement therapy education to help women thrive so that they can stop or prevent their health from spinning out of control. Find out more at their ⁠website⁠ and on ⁠IG⁠

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