Q: Do I have to have previous dance experience to take one of your classes?

A: With the exception of the troupe classes and the occasional advanced class, NO! Our classes are designed to challenge the new and long-time dancer just the same. Christine will go as slow or fast as the class needs to in learning steps and choreography. When a class is intermediate or advanced, it is clearly marked in the description.

Q: How early do I need to arrive for class?

A: Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class begins. While we understand that sometimes, there are valid reasons for being late, please do not make a habit of it as it disrupts the class, and causes the teacher to have to re-teach things you have missed. If you know you are going to be late or miss a class, shoot Christine an email at christinegarvin [at] gmail.com.

Q: Where are classes located?

A: The Colourfield at 54 Ravenscroft Drive, Asheville, NC 28801.

Q: I like to have video of what is taught in class so I can practice during the week in between classes. Is it okay if I take video? Will you take video and send it to me?

A: Great question! Yes, you are always more than welcome to take video at the end of class of what I’ve taught. I will save time for this to happen.

And yes, I do take video, but after years of spending an extra 10-15 hours a WEEK compiling, uploading and sending out video, I now charge a very small fee to make up for some of my time lost to the abyss of slow and computer-consuming video upload.

This fee is $1 a week, so the total amount for a series is based on how many classes are in that series. You will see the additional amount as an option when you go to pay for your classes. If you would like me to send you a video after each class, please add this option, and if you don’t already have an account with Vimeo, please sign up for a free one here. Be sure to let me know your user info, as I will share the video on Vimeo by username (there will no longer be passwords, but the videos can only be accessed by the users I choose, so your privacy remains protected).

If you have any questions about this new process, please email me at christinegarvin [at] gmail.com

Q: Do I have to sign up for a whole series? What if I just want to try one class?

A: You are allowed to try the first class of any series for a drop-in rate of $13. Starting the second week of a series, I do not allow drop-ins as we are building a routine week-to-week. On occasion, I offer classes that don’t work this way, and clearly mark that there is a drop-in option.

We encourage you to sign-up for a whole series for several reasons: sometimes, the nerves of a first class might get to you, and having a reason to return the next week always works out for the best; I’ve seen people grow leaps and bounds in a 5 or 6 week class that just isn’t the same if you drop in once or twice (it’s like a whole body cleanse – it doesn’t happen in a day!); you will save money, as the class cost drops down to $9, $10, or $11, depending on when you sign up (we encourage you to sign up early!!).

You will also bond with other women in the class that feeds into friendships outside of the dance studio.

Q: How do class cards work?

A: Class cards are a great way to try the first class of a series without having to pay the higher drop-in fee, or if you know you might miss a class in a series. You can use the card(s) for a full series if you like, or for a workshop (2 hole punches for a workshop that costs $15-20, and three punches for a workshop that ranges $21-30). The only thing class cards do not work for are private lessons OR classes that are co-taught with an instructor who is NOT a part of the studio (ex: Soul Train Through the Ages).

If you would like to purchase a class card, click here.

Q: What if I can’t make a class in a series? What if I have to drop out due to personal reasons during a series? Can I get a refund?

A: Though we are understanding of personal circumstances arising, and we wish we could have the return policy of Amazon, the truth is we are a very small, local business, and due to a range of fees we would incur that would quickly bankrupt us, we are unable to give refunds for any reason. We try and be as flexible as we can with class/series credits: as long as you let us know by the end of the first class that you will not be able to complete a series, you can transfer to any other series for a 2-year period (just contact Christine christinegarvin [at] gmail.com and let her know which class you’d like to transfer to).

If you need to miss one or two classes in a series and you know this beforehand, please contact Christine beforehand, as she can often work out a discount option. If you have to miss a class once the session has started, this class will simply be forfeited.

Q: What kind of clothes and shoes should I wear for your classes?

A: I always tell people to go with what feels most comfortable to you, but if you want more specifics than that, here’s a good overview for each type of dance I teach:

Jazzy Showgirl: Regular workout clothes OR something a bit sexier. We often end up dressing up in corsets, short shorts, and sparkly things at some point in the series. Come to the first class in what makes you feel best, and you might find your comfort level changes over time. As for shoes, the biggest recommendation I have is character heels, if you have a pair. If not, a pair of not-too-high heels that are comfortable and have a thick heel where you will remain stable. Baring that, a pair of flat shoes that glides easily across the floor. People have also taken the class in their socks when all else fails! Try a couple of different options and see what works for you.

Hip Hop: Regular gym workout clothes are fine. A pair of running shoes or dance shoes that aren’t too slippery tend to work best.

Bhangra: Regular gym workout clothes are also great for this dance form. You can wear running or other supportive shoes, or bare feet (the traditional way!). Please note, you’ll get really warm doing this cardio dance!

Q: I really want to perform! What does it take to be in one of your student troupes?

A: Why, thanks for asking! We’ve got all the info on the two troupes, Les Femmes Mystique and Les Filles Charme, here! Sometimes, we also offer other one-time performance options, which will be noted under the class descriptions.

Q: I really want to learn a certain dance I saw on Youtube/need help on perfecting a dance I’ve been working on for my work’s talent show/desperately need a fun dance AND an infusion of the dance gene in my husband-to-be for my wedding. What should I DO?

A: You should set up some private lessons with ME! We will have a great time perfecting exactly the dance you are looking for, for yourself or your event. More about private lessons can be found here.

Q: What if my question isn’t answered here?

A: Then send it over the interwebz to me at christinegarvin [at] gmail.com.

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