Food, Liver, And Dietary Support For Fibroids

food & dietary support for fibroids

Okay, now that we’ve chatted about what a fibroid is, what causes them, and pros and cons of surgical interventions for fibroids, let’s talk about some of the basics for supporting a body with fibroids: food and digestion.

Here’s what you can get started on right away when you find out you have fibroids:

👉Consume lots of cruciferous vegetables 🥗 🥦. Veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, boy choy and many more contain I3C, a compound that helps better metabolize your estrogen. Cooked is best, especially if you have thyroid issues or get gas from these types of veggies.

👉Increase your intake of fruits, veggies and Vitamin A. Raw carrot is purported to help bind to excess estrogen via their fiber. Berries were shown in a study to reduce estrogen-induced mammary tumors in rats.

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found a reduced risk of fibroids for women who had a greater intake of fruits, veggies and vitamin A.

Remember, vegetables contain beta-carotene, which is poorly converted to Vitamin A in most people. So it’s best to get Vitamin A from animal sources.

👉Get your Vitamin D! Low levels of Vitamin D are associated with an increased risk of fibroids.

👉Less/no alcohol and caffeine. Your liver will always focus on these substances first, and estrogen will be last in line to be metabolized. Since estrogen is such a key player in fibroid growth, we want it to be metabolized and moved out of the body as quickly as possible!

In the Black Women’s Health Study, beer drinkers were found to have a 50% increased risk for developing fibroids as compared to women who didn’t drink. That’s a huge difference!

👉Gut foundations. Making sure you are digesting well with plenty of HCl, enzymes, gallbladder support when needed, and beneficial bacteria. Your microbiome plays a key role in getting metabolized estrogen out of your body, or it can recirculate through your system!

Bonus: Start seed cycling in order to support proper estrogen and progesterone levels throughout your cycle.

Want more specific recommendations on food and nutrients, and just about everything else you need to know about fibroids? Then check out my Fibroids 101 course.


The Liver’s Role In Fibroids

What part of the fibroid equation isn’t looked at enough, in my opinion? The role of the liver.

Now first, I want to start off by saying that yes, the liver does an amazing job of metabolizing nearly everything that enters our bodies.

But does that mean it can’t get overwhelmed when it has to deal with an over-abundance of chemicals on a daily basis?

On top of working on those chemicals and about 750 other body processes, it works to metabolize our hormones, too.

When it comes to fibroids, making sure your liver can properly metabolize estrogen is at the top of the list (I will share about this process in another blog post).

Here’s a few places to start supporting your liver right away:

👉Lemon in warm water first thing in the morning. This is going to not only hydrate you, it’s going to help support your liver. A study found that lemon juice “significantly inhibited alcohol-induced increase of ALT and AST” (aka liver enzymes) in mice.

👉B Vitamins – B1, B2, B3, B6, and choline are all used in Phase 1 liver detox. B2, folate, B12, and B6 are used in methylation, arguably the most important process of detoxification in your body. I often see low B6 and B12 in my fibroid clients, as well as Folate.

👉Physical detox supports. I find people WAY overlook this area, and it’s absolutely necessary in order to move everything from excess hormones to bacteria and parasites out of your body. Some of my favorites include:

🥗Coffee enemas

🥗Castor Oil Packs

🥗A handy dandy infrared sauna blanket, making a sauna easily accessible to do daily or multiple times a week. My personal favorite is Higher Dose’s blanket, which you can get 15% off with code “WHOLE15” at checkout.

👉Xenoestrogens – These are chemicals that act like estrogen in our body, artificially inflating levels. One type of xenoestrogen, phthalates (found in hundreds of products, including personal-care products), were found to be positively associated with uterine volume. It is essential to begin removing as many xenoestrogens as you can from your daily life, from plastic water bottles to beauty products to water to receipts!

The Fibroids 101 course covers lots of other ways to naturally support the liver, as well as a list of xenoestrogens and how you can start to slowly remove them from your life!

It also covers:

  • Underlying causes of fibroids
  • How to approach working with fibroids through gut, liver, and adrenal health
  • Nutrients and other holistic therapies for fibroid growth
  • Emotional and spiritual aspects of fibroids
  • Which tests and methods can help you to get fibroids under control

For the month of July, get 20% the course with code “byefibroids” at checkout.

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