[For Practitioners] How To Gain Clinical Skills And Confidence In Your Work

I always get a ton of questions about how I grew my practice and, in case you’re wondering too, I wanted to share the low-down with you.

The big change came from when I began incorporating lab testing into my practice.

Before this, I was only able to take my clients so far. Many of them had complex health issues and I didn’t have the tools to get to the root cause of what was keeping them unwell.

I decided to enroll in Restorative Wellness Solutions’ Mastering the Art & Science of Gastrointestinal Healing a few years ago, and that is when everything changed. It was through this course that I learned exactly what labs to run and when, along with specific combinations of healing solutions I could use based on what my clients were dealing with. 

Incorporating lab testing into my practice has taken the guesswork out of symptom chasing, and I can confidently create personalized and targeted protocols for each of my clients. My clients are getting better results than ever and I’m so much more confident now that I have solid clinical skills to guide my work.

If you’re looking to transform your practice, I highly encourage you to check out Restorative Wellness Solutions. You’ll learn everything you need to know about how to get your clients real results and how to structure your practice in a way that is successful and sustainable. 

Here’s some answers to FAQ:

1. I just graduated from nutrition school. Will this course be a good fit for me?

Many RWS students have just graduated from a nutrition program or other health practitioner training program. It’s never too early to take this class; most grads I know say it’s helped them build a successful practice faster. If you do have questions about your qualifications to apply, simply email RWS at support@restorativewellnesssolutions.com.

2. I’ve taken SO MANY COURSES. All of them promised great things but only yielded minimal results. How is this program any different? 

I hear you! There are hundreds of options when it comes to continuing education; I know for me, it’s often been overwhelming and disappointing. But, I can speak from experience that RWS is different. They’ve figured out what actually works in clinical practice, and distilled it into the Restorative Wellness Solutions curriculum which makes our lives so much easier (and effective). You’re getting the best of the best from 30+ years in clinical practice.

3.  As an unlicensed practitioner I didn’t think I could work with lab testing. Is that true?  

As an unlicensed practitioner, you’re legally able to use lab testing in your work with clients. And, in the RWS program, they teach you exactly to work with labs in a way that is safe and squarely within your scope of practice.

Unlike doctors and other licensed practitioners who use lab testing to diagnose and treat disease, you’ll learn to use lab testing to identify imbalances within the body. You’ll then leverage the data and insights from testing to make more targeted and informed recommendations for the therapeutic interventions you’re already familiar with, including diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes. Incorporating testing into your work with clients doesn’t change your scope of practice – instead, it makes your scope of practice much more effective.4.  I want to enroll, but I’m already spread too thin. How much time does the course require?

Here’s the thing about this program: everything you learn is immediately applicable to the day-to-day of your practice and the sooner you start using the tools and approaches you learn, the sooner you’ll start getting results. All to say, the time working on this class isn’t extraneous to your business.

In general, RWS recommends allowing at least 6 hours per week to master the class materials, ensure you get your questions answered, and to join in additional case studies on the weekly live Q&A webinars.

I really encourage you to do whatever it takes to make the time to commit to this course. The payoff is exponential (it was for me!). And – I speak from experience – when I say that every hour you spend on the course will literally save you dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of stress and frustration.

5.  Labs are changing all the time – new ones are coming out with new technologies. How can I stay current with these changes after I graduate from this program? 

Once you graduate, you have ongoing access to course materials. RWS regularly updates the curriculum, including new tests and healing formulas as they come onto the market. As a result, you get access to all of that – forever.

6.  When does enrollment close?

Enrollment closes on Monday, March 6th and class starts on Tuesday, March 7th. But, I do know that class is filling up so if you’re interested, I’d register now!

Registration is open now for the next cohort, which begins on March 7th, 2023. But, hurry – I know the class usually sells out so be sure to apply now if you’re interested. To learn more, visit Mastering the Art & Science of Gastrointestinal Healing.


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