Functional Coaches Chat! Hair Mineral Analysis, Heavy Metals+Hormones, and More

I thought it would be fun to have a conversation with a dear friend and Functional Health colleague, Angie Plackis. So I invited her over for tea and we went OFF.
Here are just a few of the topics we cover:
  • Hair mineral analysis – What it is, how you read it, and how it can help regulate your hormones, thyroid, and adrenals
  • The difference between blood tests and hair mineral analysis and where blood tests fail us, especially when it comes to our thyroid
  • How heavy metals negatively impact our body and hormone health 
  • Why minerals are so important to our overall health and why most of us are deficient in multiple ones
  • Why functional lab testing is SO important and necessary
  • Our microbiome, genes, and figuring out what we *should* be eating based on those
  • The power of Fecal Matter Transplants (FMT) and what they are!
  • The problem with gluten-free products

We geek out on all this stuff and more! Watch it here:

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