Get Your Libido Back (Or Find It For The First Time) with Jordan D’Nelle

Struggling to find your sex drive after it was a big part of your life for many years? Or maybe you’ve always tended towards low libido, and would like to see it increased?

Today we are chatting all about intimacy, desire, and sex drive with Physician Assistant, Women’s Sexual Health Educator and Intimacy Coach Jordan D’Nelle.

We have an amazing, eye-opening conversation about all things desire, diving into the root causes of why things may be “off.” This includes:

-A breakdown of how your hormones work throughout your menstrual cycle
-How stress and your adrenal function impacts your desire
-How too much testosterone can actually inhibit sex drive
-Key truth: the more you talk about sex, the more interested you are (and how to do this well!)
-Syncing dating and romance with your cycle

We also dive into the best options when it comes to lubrication support (and why coconut oil isn’t the best option!), what asexuality is all about, and what to do when trauma from giving birth happens to the vulva.

If you are ready to turn your libido ship around, this episode is a great way to dive into the underlying issues that may be inhibiting your sex drive:

Jordan D’Nelle is a Physician Assistant and Women’s Sexual Health Educator and Intimacy Coach, and speaker. She is the founder and host of the Vaginas, Vulvas, and Vibrators Podcast, where conversations about sex, sexuality, sexual intimacy and relationships happen.

She wants to help women feel informed about their pleasure while also create a safe space for women to feel validated. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, Women’s Health Magazine and many other podcasts. Learn more at her website.

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