Healing PMDD with Rebecca Sairs

One of the most popular episodes on Hormonally Speaking is with Rebecca Sairs about PMDD. We didn’t have a chance to cover her story during that episode, so I thought I’d bring her back to find out how she first discovered she had PMDD and the ups and downs of healing it over the years.

If you haven’t heard about PMDD, it stands for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, and is even classified in the DSM-5.

Think of it as PMS on steroids. It can include intense mood swings, marked irritability or anger, depression and anxiety in the week leading up to your period (and sometimes longer).

Rebecca’s story of how she has conquered this condition is both educational and inspirational. Give it a listen if this is something you currently suffer from, or think might be an issue:

Rebecca Sairs is a registered yoga teacher and certified health coach who specializes in helping women ditch their PMDD symptoms naturally. She does this by empowering women to make lasting food and lifestyle changes so that they can feel happy and like themselves all month long. Rebecca believes that a woman should be the PMDD Boss of her wellbeing, and she strives to help her clients keep their power when making decisions around their health. Rebecca is certified through the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, studied under Nicole Jardim in her Fix Your Period Apprenticeship, and is currently working on her National Board Certification in health and wellness coaching. You can find Rebecca at her website, or on Instagram.

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