Healing Breast Cancer Naturally with Katrina Foe

We have a powerful episode today with Katrina Foe, Functional Nutritional Therapist, who went through a journey with breast cancer that is a bit different from the norm. 

Any way a person with breast cancer decides to move forward with their healing is completely valid, whether natural, integrative, or conventional. Katrina shares her journey with utilizing state-of-the-art functional testing in order to learn the root causes of her cancer, as well as specific treatments based on her genetics. 

We talk about her learning she had cancer, what her initial steps were, and what became her long-term plan. She also shares a little-known secret about how some women have healed themselves of breast cancer. 

Her goal in sharing her story to inspire other women to learn about their different options and to keep asking questions. 

Katrina Foe is a Functional Nutritional Therapist,  Pilates Teacher Trainer, and mom of 7. In 2015, she had her own health journey with breast cancer which drew her into functional nutritional therapy. She trained through the Nutritional Therapy Association, is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, and is a Master Restorative Wellness Practitioner.  She has also been an instructor for Restorative Wellness Solutions for the last 2 years, training other practitioners how to read and interpret functional lab tests.

She is the creator of the online programs DesignedforHealth.net and ReversingInfertility.com which help clients use food as medicine in order to address their root issues and turn their health around.  

She also works with private clients all over the world using these cutting-edge lab tests.  Katrina loves a good puzzle so it is her joy to dig into the complicated cases. 

Her husband, Larry and their 7 kids all live in northern Idaho on their small family farm.  They are passionate about raising their own organic, nutrient-dense chicken, beef, eggs and produce.   They homeschool the kids and they help out with everything from the garden to the editing of videos.  

Katrina also own a Pilates studio called Personalized Pilates, in Scottsdale which she started in 2001. Larry runs the studio from Idaho and Katrina trains Pilates instructors through her online platform, PilatesFreedom.com. Her specialty is Pre and Postnatal Pilates which she teaches at conferences internationally.  

Katrina believes that God has given us wonderful herbs, food, movement, and nutrients to heal our bodies with, we just need to get the man-made toxins out of the way and support our body’s ability to heal itself. Find her at her website.

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