Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2022



It’s time to jump in and figure out what you want to get for those that you love this holiday season.

Now, I know it can be tough to try and take care of everyone in your life, and that ultimately, this time of year is ultimately about connecting with your family, friends, and sinking into your inner world (yes, that’s what winter is for!).

But we are often looking for something to put under the tree, or offer on one of the those eight crazy nights.

So I wanted to share with you some of my favorite, healthy, hormone-supporting options for those in your life that need a little boost.

I’m breaking them down into body, mind, emotions, and spirit, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Here are some great options, many of which have special discounts for the season:


Higher Dose Sauna Blanker & PEMF Mats

Higher Dose is the maker of my favorite at-home sauna option. If you are like me, I don’t have the space for a large sauna. Luckily, Higher Dose makes the best – and most non-toxic – portable sauna that easily fits in your closet when you aren’t using it, and is super easy to clean.

I purchased mine a few years ago after having bought a zip-up sauna that was supposedly non-toxic, but reeked of plastic fumes when I turned it on. I was so glad to come across Higher Dose’s blanket, which is made with high-grade, non-toxic and water-resistant polyurethane on both the interior and exterior. The product’s non-toxicity has even been confirmed through stringent VOC testing.

Using this blanket is one of my favorite ways to detox throughout the year, but is especially great to use in the winter months.

Get $120 off the sauna blanket by heading here. They also have bundle specials happening that include their Infrared PEMF Mat (next on my personal list! These are AMAZING to calm inflammation and help you to sleep), and their Red Light Face Mask (a fabulous natural way to support collagen-production in your skin).

AnnMarie Skin Care

AnnMarie is without a doubt my favorite skin care line. They use only organic and wildcrafted ingredients, are MADE SAFE™ certified (meaning they have been certified by independent third-party verification that screens products for toxic chemicals that are known to harm human health and go WAY above and beyond USDA Organic), and most importantly, their products really work. As my mom says, “these are the best smelling products I’ve ever used!” (and she’s used a LOT over the years).

Take advantage of their holiday offer of a Clean Beauty Trial kit for only $19.99, which is 44% off the normal cost. The kit includes Aloe Herb Cleanser, Anti Aging Serum, Anti Aging Oil, and FREE Antioxidant Lip Balm, as well as free shipping and a $10 gift certificate off your next order.


If you missed my Lumen chat, listen to my podcast episode about it to learn a whole lot more. But the basics of why I’ve loved using my Lumen the last couple of months is that it helps you to actually know what’s happening with your metabolism. You get to blow into this device, it measures the CO2 in your breath, and tells you if you are burning fat or carbs.

Possibly my favorite thing about it is that you actually don’t want to always be burning fat! A metabolically flexible body means that you go back and forth between burning fat and carbs depending on the timing and the situation. The app tells you how much of each macro (protein, carbs, and fat) to eat that day based on your reading.

Lumen helps you to understand how to better eat for YOUR own body. And you can get $50 off Lumen when you use code “CHRISTINEG” at checkout.



Sensate Pebble

What’s something that I end up saying to every. single. client?

You need to take “purposeful relaxation” breaks

Most of us know we should meditate, or utilize deep breathing to help our hormones and overall health. Unfortunately, most of us *do not* use these tools daily (or weekly, or monthly…).

This is where Sensate comes in. It helps motivate you to do these things that can be hard to do on your own, because Sensate makes it so pleasant. Even better, it is triggering your Vagus Nerve, which oversees so many aspects of our health from digestion to mental wellness.

This little device vibrates on your heart as you listen to calming music it has been synched to via the Sensate app. I definitely meditate much more deeply using this device, and give my body the daily (somtimes twice!) break it needs.

Learn more about it here, and get $25 off this holiday season with code “CHRISTINEG” at checkout.

Swanwick Blue Blockers

I truly believe that getting our circadian rhythm back in balance is one of the most important parts of healing any and all hormone issues. And what is at the root of our circadian rhythm? Sleep.

Particularly in our 40s, as our progesterone starts to decline, many women start to see their sleep truly suffer. I’ve experienced this myself, and I can tell you how life changing it is when you start to sleep soundly through the night again!

One of the ways I make this happen is by wearing my Swanwick Blue Blockers every night for at least 1-2 hours before I go to bed. They block the blue light that stimulates our “awake” hormone, cortisol. Blocking that blue light also allows our sleep hormone, melatonin, to rise and do its thing.

These glasses are an easy investment that can make a HUGE difference. And they have a Black Friday sale already going on, with 25-50% off all glasses.


Queen of Thrones

Castor oil packs are just about my favorite option when it comes to detox not only on a physical level, but also emotional and spiritual levels, too.

They help to not only mobilize stored toxins from the liver, help move your bowels if you are constipated, and work on scar tissue, but they also help with emotional release and blocks we have that are keeping us from moving forward in life.

I think of them as a spiritual practice.

Queen of Thrones has the best castor oil pack option out there, because you can easily wear them overnight. Plus they use high quality organic castor oil that is stored in dark glass, meaning it’s protected from turning rancid.

This week, they are offering 20% off their original Organic Castor Oil Pack.


Paleo On The Go

I try and make healthy eating as easy as possible for my clients. And the reality is, many of my clients are swamped and overwhelmed in their life, working full-time, raising kids, and barely finding any time for themselves, much less grocery shopping every couple of days.

So here’s the deal – if you are able to budget it in, meal delivery services can be a huge time-and-life-savor. But not all services offer healthier meal plan options.

In general, a higher protein, medium fat, with lots of veggies and small amounts of non-glutenous grains, nuts, and legumes is a good diet for a lot of us (especially women over 35). A lot of the delivery plans are higher in carbs, which is why I like Paleo On The Go, because it lands in that higher protein, lower carb arena.

Bonus is if you have an autoimmune disease, since their meals are also AIP (Autoimmune Paleo) compliant. This is HUGE, since AIP can be extra tough to follow on your own, especially considering there are options like empanadas and pizza pockets from Paleo On The Go.

Try it out this season with $45 off any subscription ($15 off 3 consecutive shipments) AND receive a free AIP-Friendly Cookie Mix with coupon code: “BF2022”.

Primal Kitchen

If you are looking for high quality salad dressings without inflammatory oils (and if you aren’t, you should be), look no further than Primal Kitchen.

I love their ranch dressing, as well as their ranch dip (see a pattern here?). Plus they have the best mayo, including their Chipotle Lime and Garlic Aioli flavors.

Get yourself a bundle of good stuff for the holiday, and take 10% off at checkout with code “CGARVIN10”.




Spirit Animal Coffee

Most adults I come across love their morning coffee, and aren’t about to cut it out despite what it may be doing to their hormones.

Here’s the deal – some people can handle coffee better than others in terms of processing it, but some of the aspects of regular coffee negatively impact EVERYONE, including the pesticides, mold, environmental impacts, and workers lack-of-rights.

So if you are going to drink coffee, I suggest doing it the right away. Spirit Animal Coffee is one of my favorites because:

    • Their coffees are less acidic and milder, making them kinder to your gut microbiome
    • They are organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified
    • They pay their farmers 300% of what’s prescribed as “fair trade”

Head over to their site and get the Bourbon 2-Pack for half-off for the holidays.


Ready to step off coffee, but still want the ritual of a morning cup and a tiny bit of caffeine? MUD/WTR is a fantastic option for a coffee replacment that contains organic cacao, chai spices, and black tea powder, as well as adaptogenic mushrooms that are going to help your adrenals say “thank you.”

Right now, you can take 25% off sitewide, which includes both their morning ritual starter kit, as well as their creamers and sweeteners.





Get Your Hormones Right

I’ve got you covered on how to get your hormones right (or to finally take care of those gut issues) with 25% off (use code HOLIDAY at checkout) all of my self-guided programs through Nov. 30th.

Hormone Breakthrough Blueprint

There will be a VERY special price for just a couple of spots available during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

But you HAVE to be on the waitlist in order to have a chance to grab one of those spots. So sign-up here as you don’t want to miss the email!


Organizations Worth Donating To This Season

Support women and children harmed by the war in Ukraine by donating to Future for Ukraine, and help feed good, quality food to the people of Ukraine by giving to the World Central Kitchen.

Doctors Without Borders continues its amazing work around the world to help those in need of medical treatment, particularly in war and environmentally devastated areas. When I worked for a foundation, Doctors Without Borders consistently showed up on the list of best places to donate – your money goes far with them.

Cultural Survival fights for indigenous people’s rights, while the Plastic Pollution Coalition is working to rid the world of single-use plastics.

Local to Asheville? BeLoved does amazing things for our unhoused, and Asheville Cat Weirdos’ Emergency Fund helps to save cats’ lives when people can’t afford surgeries for them.


Have a great holiday season!

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