It’s time to decode your hormonal imbalance.

You’re in your 30s or 40s. You are S-T-R-U-G-G-L-I-N-G. Crime-scene periods. Mood swing central. Fibrocystic breasts, ovarian cysts, fibroids, or polyps. No one wants to be around you in the days before your period (and you don’t really want to be around yourself).

These are just a few instances that are screaming “your hormones are out of whack!”

I’m here to help you get them back-on-track, to decode your personalized blueprint, by determining your nutritional deficiencies, gut, liver, adrenal, and thyroid health. You’ll also learn how to shift your mindset and work with energy blocks, all in the safe container of a group of women going through the same trials and triumphs.

Will you join us?

Next session begins January 2023. Want to know when the doors open? Sign up for the waitlist below.

Welcome To Your Brand New Hormonal Life. Hop in, because we’re about to blow this popsicle stand.

Dropping Knowledge

You’ll learn everything you need to know about your changing cycle, including the most supportive foods, supplements, lifestyle approaches, and how to tackle your ever-important mindset.

Expert Guests

You’ll learn directly from the experts in their respective fields so you can gather all the tips and tricks to on how to get your hormones back in concert.

Group Support

Nothing replaces support from other women going through the same thing! We’ll have a private group to cover all your questions and concerns.


What Does the Program Cover?

Gut health

The gut is the seat of our hormonal health, which is why it is a cornerstone of smoother periods.


Did you know emotions directly impact your hormones? Learn how to process them quickly.


If your thyroid isn’t working properly, then your sex hormones can’t work properly. Learn exactly how your thyroid is doing!

Liver love

Your liver health is an often overlooked but absolutely necessary component of hormone regulation.

Energy work

 Along with our physical & emotional health, we are made up of energy. Get tools for your energy system.

Special Guests

I’ve invited guest experts from their respective fields to provide you a deep dive into our topics. You’ll also learn how to read a Dutch test!

Adrenal support

Without caring for your nervous system, you won’t find relief from menstrual issues.


Mindset is key when it comes to thriving – not surviving – hormonal dysregulation. We’ll tackle how!

Bonus Support

You get consistent group support via other women, and I’ll answer your pressing questions Monday through Friday.

I know hormone imbalance, because I lived it

I nearly died from a surgery that removed a large fibroid.

Why did I have that large fibroid in the first place? Because my hormones were out of whack (and I didn’t even know it!).

That’s why I do this work.

I want you to be able to balance your hormones before a traumatic situation occurs.

I want you to be able to balance your hormones because they are taking up too much of your monthly bandwidth.

I want you to be able to balance your hormones because you deserve to have more energy, freedom from pain, and generally be able to enjoy life more.

This is empowerment for the long term.

You’ll also be educated on the major components of hormone health – your gut, liver, adrenals, and thyroid – so that you’ll not only level out hormones, but your digestion, energy, and overall health will improve!

Are you read to take the leap that is going to change the trajectory of your hormonal life?

Week 1: Your Changing Cycle

Learn about the power of your menstrual cycle

What’s happening to your hormones? Our hormones are a beautiful symphony that are starting to play a slightly different tune. Most of us have never learned how our hormones work, so here’s your chance to understand your cycle before you start learning what is impacting it during the rest of the program.


Learn how estrogen, progesterone, FSH, and LH work together to make your cycle happen.


Learn how to track your cycle, a superpower that will tell you a lot about your overall health


Understand which foods and supplements support you most at different times of your cycle


Recognize when you've had an anovulatory cycle


"Cycle sync" your life

This week’s Call: Program Intro and Understanding Your Cycle w/Christine


Week 2: Gut Health
Learn how your gut impacts hormones, and how to heal it

If you want your hormones to work properly, you absolutely have to Heal. Your. Gut. Week 2 focuses on how to specifically upregulate digestion and begin to heal leaky gut, which impacts millions of people around the world.


Determine your best dietary approach


Learn the foundations of good gut health


Understand why good gut health is essential to ease menstrual cycle symptoms


Learn when you need to go deeper for gut and food sensitivity testing




Week 3: Liver Health

Why liver health is essential to having an easy period

When it comes to getting your hormones into a happy balance, nothing is more important than your liver! That’s because it has to metabolize those hormones to move them out of your body, otherwise they become toxic to you.

This week, we’ll cover all the basics –xenoestrogens and their impact on your hormones; and lifestyle shifts that support improved liver function (note: these are mostly some SWEET self-care rituals).


Best practices for reducing your liver's burden


Discover how to support your liver through food, herbs, and supplements


Learn how xenoestrogens impact your hormones, and how to get them out of your body


Unwrap sweet self-care rituals to help your liver

This week’s Call: Liver & Hormone Health From An Acupuncturist’s Perspective with Ashley Kuper



Week 4: Adrenal And Thyroid Support

Sex hormones will not balance unless you support adrenals

Did you know your stress levels have a HUGE impact on your hormones?

Too much cortisol doesn’t place nice with progesterone – the happy hormone that helps balance estrogen – but too little cortisol is not good either. Plus, the hypothalamus and pituitary glands in your brain are really the ones running the show, and this is an often overlooked component of both adrenal and thyroid health.


Learn exactly how stress affects your hormones


Best practices for combating its powerful influence


Foods that support your adrenals and thyroid


Best nutrients for adrenal and thyroid support


The #1 change you need to make for adrenal bliss!




Week 5: Energy Medicine and Trauma

Work with and not against your body’s energy systems

This week we’ll talk about how energy and trauma impacts your hormones, and you’ll learn quick and efficient ways to move overwhelming or stuck energy.

This is an area many practitioners and programs miss out on, but it is essential to getting your hormones back on track.


Understand how unprocessed trauma impacts hormones


Learn EFT from a guest expert


We'll overview other somatic systems, including AIT


This section includes scripts you can refer to anytime that you are feeling overwhelmed




Week 6: Mindset

Mindset is the hidden key to success with hormones

Many of us are running around with hidden beliefs about our bodies and their ability to get better. We may feel doomed by our age to just have to put up with symptoms.

That’s not the case, and getting your mind on board as command central of your body is a game-changer. Not only with your hormones, but all the important aspects of your life!


Uncover hidden belief systems


Learn ways to "flip the switch" in your brain


Practice new beliefs around your hormones and health


Learn how to apply this to other areas of your life, too




Week 7: Movement & Body Love

Movement is necessary for good hormone health

Moving your body in ways that feels good to it is necessary for your hormones (and all your other body’s systems!) to work properly.

We’ll talk about the pros and cons of different exercise regimens based on your current health, and you’ll craft your own personalized movement plan.


We'll cover what exercises fit best depending on where you are in your cycle


Learn from a guest expert of how to get even more fit as you age


Follow a plan-of-action for bringing more movement into your life




Week 8: Bringing it all together

Learn how your gut impacts hormones, and how to heal it

During our final week together, we’ll bring together everything you’ve learned about yourself and your hormones from the entire program.

At this point, you’ve already made massive changes that have impacted your hormone health, but you’ll finalize a blueprint that will take you beyond this program to deeper and more powerful healing.


Cover any lingering questions from the program


Offer love and support to your fellow journeyers


Create a blueprint for after the program so that you can continue to succeed!




Weekly calls with Special Guests – Guests Announced Soon!

HBB also includes:

Group Support

Christine Answers Your Questions Mon-Fri

Lessons in video and written forms

Lifetime access to program updates

This Program is for you if you want:


More energy


Less brain fog


Banish ovarian cysts


Better sleep


More clarity


Increased sex drive




Less anxiety


Diminish or prevent fibroids


Level out your weight

Kind Words

“Christine was an answer to my prayer. Beginning with our intake conversation, and throughout our work together, she has proven that she not only has a wealth of knowledge on how to build the foundation for a healthful lifestyle, but has the essential experience and training as a practitioner and coach to help me as an individual find the best steps to take, one by one, toward greater health. I trust in her knowledge, judgement, and recommendations. She has waded through all the research – foundational and newly emerging – so that she can provide the best information and recommendations to her clients.”

Amber Richardson

“I have a history of ulcerative colitis and years of stress, harsh medications and eventual surgery really put my hormone balance through the ringer. After my first visit with Christine I really felt heard. She has been so patient, kind and supportive in helping me sort out the ups and downs I feel throughout my monthly cycle. After just a few months I am sleeping better than I have in almost a decade! I am so very thankful to have found Christine.”

Kim Gantt

Christine has a gift to share. She is an incredibly knowledgeable functional health coach. I worked with her on balancing my hormones after major surgery as well as finding nutritional balance for my body. Within 2 months of following her recommendations, I have more energy, am sleeping through the night, no longer have joint aches and have no PMS symptoms.

I feel so in tune with what my body needs in order to feel its best. Her approach creates a beautiful blend of mind, body and soul practices. I am extremely grateful for this work. Thank you Christine!

Marilynn Whitcher

Special Bonuses

On top of weekly videos and written content, Q&A sessions with guest experts, and group support, you’ll also get these special, free bonuses (please note, some bonuses are limited).

-Sample meals for particular hormone dysfunctions (worth $199)

-Lifetime access to program with free updates (worth $299)

-Fibroids 101 class bonus (worth $199)

-Bioidentical hormones: When it's time (worth $199)

-Assess your own DUTCH hormone lab test bonus (worth $399)

-15% off nutraceutical-grade supplements in my Fullscript dispensary

-Option to upgrade for comprehensive hormone testing

-Special gift for you to celebrate program completion

More kind words

“Christine is a wealth of knowledge on women’s health, particularly on the subject of fibroids. Her personal experience with fibroids and subsequent surgical fibroid removal (which went horribly wrong) puts her in a unique position to effectively and empathetically help others who are dealing with similar issues.

She’s grounded in the science of hormones and is dedicated to constant research, while at the same time see’s that trauma underlies a lot of hormone health problems. I’m a huge fan of Christine’s work and highly recommend her as a practitioner.”

Nicole Jardim, Certified Women's Health Coach and Author of Fix Your Period

Christine is smart, incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and trustworthy.

She is helping me get my hormones back on track (hurray for perimenopause), and after only a few weeks, I am already feeling better.

I highly recommend Christine for whatever health issue you are tackling.

She is phenomenal.“

Monica Bhatnagar

“Christine Garvin is an heart center functional nutritionist who meets you were you are with no judgement. She is conscious of you as an individual and works collaboratively with you as a whole being.

She is not limited by just symptoms and these are the reasons I  have chosen to work with her. She is helping me to heal from the inside out while I am in menopause and experiencing adrenal fatigue.

It helps me to go a few steps at a time on my journey of healing my gut microbiome, reducing inflammation, increasing hydration with electrolytes, deepening sleep, and undoing insulin resistance.

I really appreciate her approach with supplements and bioidentical hormones. I highly recommend this intuitive functional nutritionist.”

Laurie Alessandra


What will I gain from this program?

My goal is to help you navigate what is going on with your body through specific, personalized information and tools, as well as give you all the most up-to-date information available in the functional hormone world to empower you for not only right now in your life, but for the rest of your life.

The tenets that you learn in this program are, and will always be, the keys to health no matter what stage of life. Our current society and lifestyle does NOT support good hormone health, which is why so many women are suffering. I’m here to show you the ways you can greatly reduce or eliminate completely that suffering. I’m rooting for all women!

Isn't it better to work with you 1-on-1?

Actually, no. There are several reasons for this: we are limited on time with 1-on-1 work. It’s impossible for me to cover everything with a client that I can in a program. Plus, clients don’t always retain all the information I teach them; a program has everything easily and systematically laid out so you can go back and access particular areas when you have a certain question.

Plus, working with me can be cost prohibitive. With this program, you’re getting all the goods from me, plus support from others going through the same thing, which helps you stay focused and invigorated to keep moving forward with your goals. And if you want to do some testing, there is an option to upgrade for an additional cost to work with one of the Functional Nutritionists who work alongside me.

Can I ask you specific questions about what is going on with me?

Yes! You will be able to ask questions in our Facebook group that I will answer Monday-Friday (the reason I won’t be answering on weekends is part of what I’ll be teaching you – boundaries around time and energy are ESSENTIAL for hormone health!). As I do with all my clients, I will have you sign a coaching contract at the beginning that states I am not a licensed practitioner and can’t diagnose or treat you, and that any information I give is not intended as a substitute for the advice of your physician or other healthcare professional.

Is there a payment plan available?

There sure is! You can choose to make 4 monthly payments of $319. Payment 1 will be billed when you purchase and then every 4-weeks for a total of 4 payments.

Is the content available immediately?

Yes. You will receive the first section immediately, and then every 7 days from enrollment. 

Do I have to be in my 30s or 40s to sign-up and benefit from this program?

These ages are a general guideline. Honestly, if you are 28 and having issues mentioned on this page, this program is going to be helpful for you. Also, not all women go into menopause by 50. So if you are still having your cycle, as irregular as it might be, you can be a part of this group!

I'm in menopause. Can I join this program?

This program is not for you in you are fully in menopause (defined as 12 months with no periods). I’m not trying to exclude you – it’s simply the information you need is very different than what is needed while still cycling. I hope to have a program for you awesome menopausal women sometime next year!

I've tried a LOT of things to help my period issues. Will this program work for me?

As with anything in life, health is all about what you put into it. If you follow the guidelines I’ll be teaching you, I have no doubt you will be much better at the end of 8 weeks than when you started. And you will continue to feel better and better, since it can take 3-6 months to see major changes when it comes to periods.

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Week 1, Your Changing Cycle

Worth: $399

Week 4, Adrenal/Thyroid

Worth $399

Week 7, Movement & Body Love

Worth: $399

Bonus: Acupressure points

Worth $199

Bonus: Lifetime access to program

Worth: $299

Weekly Zoom calls with experts

Worth $2,000

Week 2, Gut Healing

Worth $399

Week 5, Mindset & Focus

Worth $399

Week 8, Bringing it all together

Worth $399

Bonus: Fibroids 101 Class

Worth $299

Bonus: Bioidenticals timing

Worth $299

Bonus: Arvigo Massage (limited)

Worth $199

Week 3, Liver Love & Support

Worth $399

Week 6, Energy & Trauma

Worth $399

Live Support Group Calls

Worth: $299

Bonus: Assess Your Own Dutch

Worth $399

Christine answers your questions

Worth: $2,000

15% off Practitioner-only supplements

Ready to take the leap?

Sign-up for the Oct. 19th class Energy Healing To Combat Stress here


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