Welcome to Day 1 of the 2019 Hormone Summit! We’re kicking things off with Naturopath Brooke Venables, talking all about skin and hormones. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some incredible hormonal knowledge!

Click here for Day 2 Interview with Amanda Hayes Fugate, Pelvic Floor Therapist

About Brooke:

Brooke Venables Hormone Specialist Naturopath

Brooke graduated from the Australian Institute of holistic medicine in 2005 and has been specialising in skin and hormones for the past 8 years. She has experience working in technical support for fellow practitioners, creating protocols in some of Perth’s prestigious multi-disciplinary clinics and overseas alongside doctors and dermatologists. Brooke is committed to ongoing professional development and is passionate about empowering and educating women in their skin and hormone health so they can achieve confidence and vitality and change their lives for the better.
Brooke understands acne and hormonal imbalance not just from an intellectual and scientific point of view but from experiencing it first hand with her own challenges. She gets it.

2019 hormone summit schedule

Mon, Sep 23rd
Tues, Sep. 24th
Wed, Sep. 25th
Thurs, Sep. 26th
Fri, Sep. 27th
Sat, Sep. 28th
How hormones impact your skin ~ Brooke Venables
Love your pelvic floor and it’ll love you back! ~ Amanda Hayes Fugette

Use your intuition to help you with hormone balance ~ Katie Beecher

Say goodbye to PMS ~ Nicole Jardim

How to Approach Hormone Testing ~ Robin Randisi

How to deal with Perimenopause ~ Dr. Anna Garrett

Bioidentical Progesterone and what to do with it ~ Kitty Matrone
Getting yourself out of fibroid hell ~ Christine Garvin

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