How Full Is Your Hormone Piggy Bank?


When it comes to our hormones – and really health, in general – it might make things easier to think about them like a piggy bank.

We are constantly either depositing and filling that piggy bank up, or we are withdrawing from it.

Life is definitely a balance, and just like any bank, we are going to have to draw from it.

But if you withdraw too much without putting back in? Well, that leads to bankruptcy.

Besides that, most of us like having a nice cushion in our accounts, so that we don’t have to worry when something comes up out of the blue.

How much are you filling up your hormone piggy bank?

Is there enough of a cushion so that when the unexpected happens (i.e. trauma, loss, sickness), you have reserves to ride things out?

As you look ahead to getting older and the changes that come with both hormones and your overall health, are you investing in what will both ease and elevate the journey?

This graphic focuses on the foundations – and that makes up 85-90% of your hormone (and other) health.

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