How Money Impacts Your Hormones and What To Do About It w/Jen Aly

Have you ever thought about money impacting your hormone health? After today’s episode, you won’t miss the connections ever again.

Money has a huge impact on our nervous system, as I discuss with Prosperity & Business Coach Jen Aly. Whether we are entrepreneurs, take care of the family finances, or *don’t* want to look at money, it can cause physiological, emotional, and energetic stress that in turn affects our hormones.

As a creative, Jen knows all-too-well the pitfalls of not facing money head-on. She shares her story with us, and how she ended up becoming a money coach because of those experiences.

The energy of money is so integral to our overall well-being, and whether we choose to shun it or hold on too tight to it, it will show itself in our physical health.

Jen teaches us how to take a different approach, and how this cause major shifts in our overall well-being.

For creative and holistic entrepreneurs, Jen Aly is a bridge to the world of finance & business. She started her first of 7 businesses 15 years ago, has learned a lot the hard way, has filed bankruptcy, and has more than tripled her income within 3 years. In 2013 she bootstrapped an Asheville, NC based handmade jewelry business and grew it successfully. As a coach and facilitator, Jen empowers creative and holistic entrepreneurs in money and business. A coach since 2003, she is a certified coach through both Martha Beck & Best Year Yet. Her TEDx Talk, “Harness Creativity as Your Greatest Business Asset” was among the 10% of TEDx talks to be chosen for You can find her at her website, on IG, FB, and LinkedIn.

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