How’s Your Mindset? It May Be The Key To Your Hormone Issues w/Melissa Turner

How much are your beliefs and mindset running the game in your body?

When we are dealing with hormonal issues and struggle with endometriosis or other inflammatory illnesses, a lot of us are busy looking for that magic supplement or dietary change. When in reality, we need to be looking for what Endometriosis Expert Melissa Turner calls an “environment of healing.”

So many women deal with perfectionism – either naturally inclined to be that way, or because society pressures us to – and from this, stems an epidemic of hormone issues. Problem is, we often turn to the perfectionism when we are trying to deal with our hormonal imbalances.

In today’s episode, Melissa and I talk about approaching health from a different viewpoint. This includes:

  • Cutting through beliefs like our body is a problem that needs to be fixed
  • Learning how to look at supporting your healing
  • How to go about making the best choices for your own body’s needs, and recognizing your inherent ability to heal
  • Tools to help calm your nervous system, which is key to connecting to your body’s needs

This episode is a must listen for every woman who deals with hormone concerns, as well as those facing endometrosis, fibroids, adenoymosis, and more.

Melissa Turner has become one of the leading experts on endometriosis and how to manage it holistically. This experience came out of her own journey in struggling for over 15 years with stage 4 endometriosis and finally living a normal, pain & symptom-free life. Her mission is to empower more women to manage endometriosis holistically so they can stop suffering and reach beyond endo! Find her at her website.


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