Immune Defense Program

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30+ page highly-researched, immune Defense booklet

Wondering how best to support your body during a viral crisis? This booklet is chock full of scientifically-backed information ranging from food to lifestyle to adjunct therapies that will help your body work at its highest level to defend you against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.


  • Specific foods to eat

  • Antiviral nutrients, herbs, and essential oils

  • Immune-boosting herbs

  • List of herb/vitamin/drug interactions

  • Lifestyle recommendations to support increased immunity

  • Supplements that provide extra and necessary support

  • The power of upregulating your microbiome to help fight viruses

  • Adjunct therapies

  • Spiritual support for immunity

  • Additional considerations

25+ Immune-Boosting, whole food recipes

This booklet offers real food recipes chock full of Vitamin C, A, D, Zinc, Omega-3s, and Glutathione, not to mention fiber, which is a key player in your immune system. Don’t forget plenty of protein and good fat to satiate you and keep your blood sugar level so your body can focus on fighting viruses and bacteria.



  • 6 Breakfast recipes
  • 6 Lunch recipes
  • 6 Dinner recipes
  • 3 Easy Snack recipes
  • 4 Delectable, Low Sugar Desserts

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