Life Happens, But You Lead Your Story (A New Moon Visualization)

Photo by jorowden

Photo by jorowden


Carl Jung hypothesized that we each contain a myriad of archetypes (aka characters) inside of ourselves that is shared with everyone else on the planet via the collective unconscious.

What does that mean? That each of us contains both “good parts” and parts of what we dislike in others. When we get angry, or frustrated, or irritated at others, part of what we are bothered by can be found within ourselves. There is no other; there is just us, trying to work our way towards security, love, and joy.

Archetypes also symbolize a lot of other things, including parts of ourselves that we can “pull out” when we feel weak or vulnerable and need protection. We are not one personality – each of us has our primary archetypes that we may want to work with the most, but you can strengthen a particular archetype when you need to.

This is where change steps in.

Maybe right now you feel heavy from all that is happening in the world. This new moon in Libra, which happens this evening, gives us a chance to expand on connection, balance, harmony, and peace in the world at large and our own internal world. It might be a good chance for you to tap into the positive traits of Innocent, Caregiver, or Lover archetypes.

True self-love and compassion only comes once you have opened your eyes to all aspects of yourself, both the “good” and the “bad” parts. When we know what is there, we are able to work with the different energies that are a part of us. Otherwise, they just work us. Use this rather positive new moon to work on the expansion of the aspects of archetypes within yourself that you want to see more of in the world.

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