A multiform dance troupe based in Asheville, NC, Liquid Sirens weaves together modern, hip hop, cabaret, jazz, contemporary, world dance & burlesque for a unique performance experience. Liquid Sirens is housed under Christine Garvin Dance+Transform.

We are body-positive, age-positive, and believe in supporting ALL women. We also love before and after photos that feature special guest stars such as Maizie the cat.



“The Liquid Sirens’ guest appearance at our Vendetta Creme show at the Crow and Quill was an absolute show-stopper! They are adding some much needed spice to the Asheville scene and are certainly not to be missed. If you’re considering hiring them for your event DO IT! They will bring it to life!”

Kelly Barrow

“The Liquid Sirens recently volunteered to do a performance for a Planned Parenthood fundraiser I helped plan to honor Beyonce. The routine was choreographed to a great song and several members of the group came to the event, mingled and then performed looking fabulous the whole time. Their dance was super high energy and fun and really got everyone in the mood to dance and let loose. I cannot recommend this dance studio and these ladies enough. They dedicated their time and talents for a good cause and are all active and vital members of our Asheville community. I would give them a hundred stars if I could!”

Frances Greene

“Fabulous job tonight! You are an incredible performer and it was such a fun night.”

Lily Kane

Christine Garvin

Founder and Director
Christine Garvin heads up Christine Garvin Dance+Transform (CGD+T), an Asheville-based dance school of movement, healing, and empowerment. The school offers a variety of dance forms to connect women and girls to their bodies, including Hip Hop, Jazzy Showgirl, Modern, Conditioning, Bellydance, and Bhangra/Bollywood. With a Masters in Holistic Health Education and a certification in Nutrition Education, Christine is also the creator of the Metamorphosis program, which helps women to get to the next level with their health, work, body image, and relationships through tending to their rich, inner lives.

Christine started dance lessons at age 4, with the requisite tap, ballet, and jazz (of course, jazz was her favorite). After stopping formal lessons at age 11, Christine continued her own training – namely dancing to all her favorite 90s R&B hits in front of the mirror in the privacy of her own bedroom (and driving her mother crazy). She started taking dance classes again once she was in college, but it wasn’t until after her move to the San Francisco Bay Area when she really focused on training once again, taking Hip Hop, Jazzy Burlesque, and Bhangra classes, and performing in John Tanner’s Hip Hop troupe, and Vicki Virk’s Bhangra troupe, Dholrhythms.

Though she had opportunities to teach while in the Bay, it wasn’t until she moved to Asheville where she took the plunge. She loves all levels of dance, but particularly working toward and participating in performance – that’s where the real magic happens and we boost our self-worth. Christine has dreamed of having a professional troupe for years, and it finally came together in the form of Liquid Sirens.

Amy Hall

Principal Dancer and Team-Building Coordinator

Bio coming soon

Michelle Grasty-Colont

Principal Dancer, Choreographer, and Marketing Coordinator

Michelle began dancing at the age of 3, training across the Southeast in ballet, jazz, tap, and contemporary dance. She has chased many creative aspirations, ranging from being the director of The Vagina Monlogues in college to performing in Naked Girls Reading and cabarets with local Anam Cara Theatre Company. The most gratifying artistic endeavors, however, have come with joining the Christine Garvin Dance + Transform community. Michelle started dancing with CG D+T in a hip-hop class in early 2014. Michelle joined the dance troupe Les Filles Charme in Summer 2014, where she was able to perform on sold-out stages at The Grey Eagle and The Orange Peel. In early Spring 2016, she debuted her first solo contemporary dance piece, and also graduated from the Metamorphosis Program in Spring 2016. She began teaching modern and song & dance classes with CG D+T in Fall 2016 and serves as CG D+T’s Marketing Coordinator. Joining Liquid Sirens is a creative and personal dream come true, combining Michelle‘s love of learning new styles of dance with sharing her ideas with a group of inspiring women. Outside of dance, Michelle loves yoga, Pilates, cooking, her book club, and talking about her cats. Michelle is incredibly grateful for the support of her dance community, her supportive friends and family, and–of course–her husband Craig, who is her biggest & most handsome fan.

Rhiannon Burk

Principal Dancer and Marketing Assistant

Rhiannon began dancing at the age of three in Northeastern Ohio. She studied ballet, pointe, jazz, yoga, lyrical, modern, and danced competitively. As a college student in West Virginia, cultural and traditional dance was introduced to her. While studying in Boulder, Colorado she discovered various forms of ecstatic dance and authentic movement. She has trained with practitioners from the 5 Rhythms traditions, and is a certified Dancing Freedom Facilitator. She has performed burlesque as Serenity Calypso as a member of Boulder Burlesque and had also performed with Asheville Vaudeville. Rhiannon believes in the mental, physical, and spiritual health and empowerment properties of dance and movement as creative expression. She is grateful and delighted to be dancing with Asheville’s Liquid Sirens; she hopes to see you on the dance floor!

Sarah Bolick

Principal Dancer and Schedule Coordinator

Sarah knew she loved dance after seeing The Nutcracker Ballet in Charlotte, NC at the age of 3. Her primary focus was ballet as a youngster, but she quickly fell in love with modern dance while studying at ASU in Boone, NC. While a student at ASU, she performed with the Appalachian Dance Ensemble and received a minor in Dance Studies. When Sarah is not dancing, she enjoys moving her body in other ways such as hiking, gardening, and doing yoga. She is excited to be part of Liquid Sirens and to express herself through the art of dance.

Karen Comitto-Beijer

Principal Dancer and Costume Designer

Karen began dancing when she was a member of her high school dance company in New York.
She won best choreographer both Junior and Senior year. She dabbled in some dance classes in college
but did not perform.

After getting married, moving to Asheville, NC and having kids, family was her focus and she did
not have dance in her life, but desperately missed it. In 2010, she became involved with Community Choreography Projects with director Barrie Barton and was a dancer in a show called Hand Me Down. This was more of an interpretive (storytelling through dance and acting) performance, at Diana Wortham Theater in Asheville. In 2013, she performed in another show with Barrie Barton called Secrets at the same venue.

Karen has performed in a few flash mobs in Asheville, done some burlesque shows with Kathleen Hahn through Danceclub (Oh No She Didn’t 2), and then got involved with Christine Garvin Dance and Transform. Karen also is now a certified Zumba teacher and can be occasionally found leading classes at the local YMCA.

In 2015, Christine choreographed a flash mob for Karen’s friend’s wedding which she then led
at the reception. She has performed with CGD&T in several different venues locally in the past
year, including the show Hot Summer Nights at The Isis, before becoming a member of Liquid Sirens.

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