Long-term Solutions and Quick Bio-Hacks for Constipation w/Marieke Steen

What is the number #1 issue I hear from clients?


It’s pretty much an epidemic in western societies, for a number of reasons. And a lot of people still don’t even realize they have it!

In today’s episode, I talk with Functional Nutritionist and Hormone Expert Marieke Steen about what exactly constipation is, what the underlying causes are, and most importantly, how to get things moving.

She shares her own story of being constipated for most of her childhood and young adult years, and the steps she took to get out of the “stuckness.”

It’s a layered approach, looking at physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of digestion, but there’s also a few things you can do to get things moving RIGHT AWAY. Marieke shares all of these options with you.

And besides your gut thanking you, your hormones will too!

Marieke Steen is a Functional Nutritionist and Hormone expert, helping women with fertility issues, hormonal, acne, or other hormonal imbalance or disorders. Her motto is: don’t accept feeling just ok, you deserve better! You can find her at her website.

Want more information about constipation and hormones? Check out her article Why constipation causes toxicity and hormonal imbalances. And you can join her FB group here.

*The parasympathetic essential oil blend that she mentioned during the episode is basically distilled lime essential oil and clove essential oil, so either buy one of each and just put a drop of each on your finger and rub it on your mastoid bone (behind the earlobes) or use the blend from vibrant blue oils: https://shop.vibrantblueoils.com/product/parasympathetic-essential-oil/

**The inflammatory blend she uses on her neck in the evening or on her shoulders or belly (and massage clockwise) has:

Ginger root
Ylang Ylang

and the blend is available at vibrant blue oils https://shop.vibrantblueoils.com/product/anti-inflammatory-essential-oil/


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