Mind Your Gut

10 weeks, 1-on-1 program

Figure out what is going on with YOUR gut via cutting-edge lab testing and experience completely individualized protocols to get to the root cause of GI issues.

Sep. 23-Oct. 27th. Only 4 spaces open.

The Epicenter of Your Health

Your gut controls your entire health, period. Hormones out of whack? Check your gut. Skin issues? Check your gut. Horrible allergies? Check your gut.

Is Something Inhibiting Your Digestion?

 There’s a whole world that we have going on in our gut that we are mostly unaware of. Hidden bacteria, fungus, parasites, and low stomach acid all play major roles in our body’s ability to properly use the food we eat.

Microbiome is Key

The levels of good and bad bacteria in your gut matter TREMENDOUSLY to your overall health. It’s time to find out what you have too much of, and what you don’t have enough of.

Hi there!

Does it seem like no matter what you eat, your stomach just isn’t happy?

Or maybe you’re exhausted about 30 minutes after you eat. Or your skin just doesn’t want to cooperate. Maybe your sleep is all off. Or your hormones are making you cry for relief.

How are all of these seemingly unconnected things, well, connected?

They all lead back to your gut.

No matter what reason a client comes to see me, we begin with the gut. I have them fill out a detailed analysis of all of their symptoms, lifestyle, food choices, supplements, and medication so that we can piece together what might be happening in their gut.

It’s detective work. And honestly, sometimes it takes a while. We have to trial-and-error a few things.

Your symptoms can tell us a lot. But they can’t tell us everything, like if you have too many of a certain bacteria, or a hidden parasite. It can’t tell us your levels of beta-glucoronidase, a key component in your estrobolome that helps to move extra estrogen out of your body.

But you know what can?

A GI Map DNA stool analysis test.

This test changes the game, y’all. And now we’re ready to begin.

Rebuild From the Inside Out

What does the GI Map tell you?


  • What bacterial, parasitic, and viral pathogens are in your colon, including h. pylori, which is often connected to heartburn and GERD

  • Your levels of normal bacteria flora, so you are able to tell specifically what good bacteria you are low in

  • It lists potential autoimmune triggers, yeast, and viruses including Epstein-Barr.

  • You will learn specifically how well your digestion is working, and if you have particular inflammation markers.

  • This test even tells you which antibiotic strains you are resistant to, saving you from using one not good for your body.

Complete Support

In this program, not only will you get specific recommendations on food and supplements for your body based on your GI Map, but you’ll also receive detailed lifestyle choices, including detox protocols to support bacterial and pathogenic release.

Impact Your Whole Health

This is functional and holistic health at its best: learning what is happening in YOUR gut, which directly impacts your hormones, skin, energy, brain function, joints, and mood.

What You Get


Complete Action Plan

A specific-to-your-body plan that covers food, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations based on both your symptoms AND your GI Map test.

GI Map Included in Program Cost

Your payment for the program INCLUDES the cost of the test and shipping, which is $350. I will ship the test to you after you enroll in the program, and explain how to properly take the test and send it in to be processed.


Four 1-on-1 sessions

An initial 1.5 hour consult and 3 additional 1 hr. consults to cover your individualized plan and any help you need along the way. You’ll also have email access throughout the program for any questions that come up.

Optional Add-ons

A test that compliments the GI Map is the MRT Food Sensitivity test, the most advanced test for determining inflammatory foods. This shows you which foods aren’t good for your body so that you can remove them for 3-6 months to speed up your healing process. You have the option to purchase this additional testing.

20% Off Supplements

The GI Map will help us determine what supplementation you need to deal with any unwanted bugs or to up certain probiotics. You’ll receive 20% off these supplements through my online dispensary.

Guide to Dealing With the Holidays

Since the program ends just as the holidays begin, you might need a little support on how to keep your new gut feeling good! Included in the program is a guide on making good dietary, emotional, and physical choices during the craziest time of the year.

“Christine offers support towards balanced health with inspiration, empowerment, unconditional love and an incredible depth of knowledge. I couldn’t be rockin’ my 40s without her guidance. I highly recommend her services for any woman who needs to feel heard, validated in your challenges, and ready for action steps towards improved hormonal balance and health.”
Heidi Andersen, MS, LPC, CEDS

Therapist, Reclaiming Beauty

“Christine Garvin is smart, incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and trustworthy. She is helping me get my hormones back on track (hurray for perimenopause), and after only a few weeks, I am already feeling better. I highly recommend Christine for whatever health issue you are tackling. She is phenomenal.”
Monica Bhatnagar

Actress and Producer, MonicaBhatnagar.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this program is right for me?

This program is geared towards people who have tried to improve their digestive health in a myriad of ways, and haven’t gotten as far as they’d like. Or, who’ve had it up-to-here with skin conditions that won’t heal. It’s also good for women who have been working on their hormonal balance, and aren’t seeming to get better.

Will I have to make a lot of changes?

This program takes commitment in order to work. You will have to cut out certain foods for at least the duration of the program, including alcohol. You will have to be very consistent with taking the specified supplements. The lifestyle factors are a necessary component of the detox process. I only recommend doing this program if you are really ready to commit to feeling better!

How many spots are available for this program?

There are only 4 spots available for this run of the program, and at an introductory price. I will offer the program again next year for a higher cost. There’s no time like the present to get your gut back on track!

May I retest at the end of the 10 weeks?

Definitely! I actually recommend it as a way to see where your body has landed (although you will already be able to tell that you feel a whole lot better!). Unfortunately, there is no discount on a second test, but I do not upcharge testing, so you will only pay the $350 that includes shipping.

Are you diagnosing or treating me in this program?

No. I’m not a medical doctor or licensed practitioner, so I am not diagnosing or treating you. We use the GI-Map to get a “lay of the land” so that we can get to the root cause of your digestive issues. I encourage you to share your results with your doctor, and I will refer you to a doctor if anything on the test needs medical attention.

May I pay in installments, or do I have to pay everything up front?

Yes, there is an installment plan option. We offer the option of an initial fee of $350 to cover the test cost, followed by two payments of $275 each, charged monthly. If you would like to enroll in the payment plan, please click here.

Where you’ll end up after 10 weeks

– Better digestion

– Clearer skin

– More energy & clarity

– Calmer hormones

– Deeper sleep

– Increased nutrient absorption, which helps literally everything!

Only 4 spots are open, and we begin next week.

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