My Top 5 Rules for Perimenopause

✨✨Here to remind you that you can live your best life in perimenopause.✨✨

My top 5 rules for Perimenopause:

1️⃣ Choose yourself FIRST.

✨This is rule number 1, because it is definitely the most important.

✨Now is the time that your body is saying, “choose me” “set boundaries” “let go of that which doesn’t serve us.”

✨You can’t continue to be pulled in all directions and be healthy any more. Full stop.

2️⃣ Eat more protein/upregulate your digestion.

✨Hormonal shifts are gonna make your digestion wonky. Sugar is gonna make them hell.

✨So focus on upping your protein consumption a LOT, getting in more veggies and electrolytes, and slowly backing away from the baked goods and wine.

✨Gas and bloating? Use digestive bitters, or HCl and enzymes to make that go away (unless you have reflux).

✨Take a high quality probiotic to support your microbiome, estrogen detox, and diminish inflammation.

3️⃣ Support your liver.

✨It’s taken one for the TEAM for many years, and now that hormones are fluctuating, it’s working even harder (that’s why you get hungover after that one glass of wine).

✨Drink lemon in water. Eat lots of cruciferous veggies (get some broccoli sprouts in there!). Roast some beets.

✨Use a good quality liver blend formula, or NAC or glutathione.

✨Test your hormones to see if estrogen is favoring the “bad” pathways and not methylating well – that’ll save you a lot of PMS, fibroids, and cysts.

4️⃣ Get more sleep and take rest breaks throughout the day.

✨You NEED sleep now more than ever! Your parasympathetic nervous system is demanding attention. Your cortisol will be all over the place if you don’t heed this call.

✨Take 10 minute breaks twice a day to meditate, visualize, breath. Bed by 10pm with technology out of the room.

✨Lots more on how to get to sleep if you just CAN’T in the next session of my “Thrive In Perimenopause” program starting in early 2022.

5️⃣ Don’t be afraid of bioidentical hormone replacement when you get to the point where your body needs them.

✨This can be LIFE-CHANGING, but be sure to work with a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner on testing and guidance before you dive in.

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