This Explains Everything! What PMDD Is And What To Do About It With Rebecca Sairs

Most of us know all too well about the dreaded PMS, but have you heard of PMDD?

If you suffer from extreme PMS symptoms that last much longer than the typical few days before your period, you may actually have PMDD, or premenstrual dysphoric disorder. This disorder is even classified in the DSM-5, the psychiatric diagnostic manual.

Today’s guest, Rebecca Sairs, knows about this disorder intimately. Through both her education and personal experience, she has learned how to tackle PMDD from a holistic perspective, which we dive into in this episode. How do you determine if you have PMDD? What are root causes? What ways should you support your body? What can make PMDD worse? We cover all this and more.

Check out all the goodness below:


Rebecca Sairs is a registered yoga teacher and certified health coach who specializes in helping women ditch their PMDD symptoms naturally. She does this by empowering women to make lasting food and lifestyle changes so that they can feel happy and like themselves all month long. Rebecca believes that a woman should be the PMDD Boss of her wellbeing, and she strives to help her clients keep their power when making decisions around their health. Rebecca is certified through the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, studied under Nicole Jardim in her Fix Your Period Apprenticeship, and is currently working on her National Board Certification in health and wellness coaching.

You can find Rebecca at her website, or on Instagram. 

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