“Christine is a wealth of knowledge on women’s health, particularly on the subject of fibroids. Her personal experience with fibroids and subsequent surgical fibroid removal (which went horribly wrong) puts her in a unique position to effectively and empathetically help others who are dealing with similar issues. She’s grounded in the science of hormones and is dedicated to constant research, while at the same time see’s that trauma underlies a lot of hormone health problems. I’m a huge fan of Christine’s work and highly recommend her as a practitioner.”

Nicole Jardim

Certified Women’s Health Coach and Author of Fix Your Period

“Christine is truly an amazing human and incredibly knowledgable whole health coach. Her wealth of knowledge is truly impressive and also her compassion and drive which together makes the best combo to have as a coach! I love what she is doing out in the world and recommend her services to anyone who wants to get their hormones regulated and learn to love the skin they are in! Thank you for all that you do Christine!”

Ashley Kuper, L.Ac, Dipl.OM

Acupuncturist and Owner of East Acupunture Wellness Boutique

Christine has a gift to share. She is an incredibly knowledgeable functional health coach. I worked with her on balancing my hormones after major surgery as well as finding nutritional balance for my body. Within 2 months of following her recommendations, I have more energy, am sleeping through the night, no longer have joint aches and have no PMS symptoms. I feel so in tune with what my body needs in order to feel its best. Her approach creates a beautiful blend of mind, body and soul practices. I am extremely grateful for this work. Thank you Christine!”

Marilynn Whitcher


“Christine Garvin is an heart center functional nutritionist who meets you were you are with no judgement. She is conscious of you as an individual and works collaboratively with you as a whole being. She is not limited by just symptoms and these are the reasons I have chosen to work with her. She is helping me to heal from the inside out while I am in menopause and experiencing adrenal fatigue. It helps me to go a few steps at a time on my journey of healing my gut microbiome, reducing inflammation, increasing hydration with electrolytes, deepening sleep, and undoing insulin resistance. I really appreciate her approach with supplements and bioidentical hormones. I highly recommend this intuitive functional nutritionist.”

Laurie Alessandra

Christine has wealth of knowledge, support & kindness to share with anyone ready to make a dynamic shift in how their gut health, hormonal balance & mental well being are serving them. Christine walked me through every step & was always there to answer questions, encourage & educate me when I needed to understand the connection between gut health & hormones. In these five short months and with Christine’s guidance I have successfully done a complete 180. My cycles are no longer debilitating, I now know what foods my body doesn’t respond well too, my energy and overall mood has improved dramatically and I have lost 21 pounds!!

Errin Parker

North Georgia Aviation

I dealt with misdiagnosed, distracting, and frustrating health issues for months before I started working with Christine. She got to the root of the problem quickly and supported me through the process of healing and learning all that I needed to learn to turn my health around. On the other side I feel like a new person. I can’t recommend working with her highly enough. It’s an investment in your long-term health.”

Jen Aly

Business Coach, Jen Aly Coaching

“After struggling through peri-menopause, IBS, and anxiety for YEARS, I am finally starting to feel whole again with Christine’s help. I started with her Gut Program, and then moved on to her Hormone Breakthrough Blueprint program. My anxiety is at an all-time low, my digestive tract is running smoothly, and my cycle is beginning to balance itself out.

Christine’s the real deal – she just knows more than other practitioners. She is compassionate, and completely committed to helping her clients feel their best. I highly recommend working with Christine to get your health back on track, and feeling your best!”

Monica Bhatnagar


“Christine was an answer to my prayer. Beginning with our intake conversation, and throughout our work together, she has proven that she not only has a wealth of knowledge on how to build the foundation for a healthful lifestyle, but has the essential experience and training as a practitioner and coach to help me as an individual find the best steps to take, one by one, toward greater health.”

Amber Richardson

Director of Outcomes

“Since my time working with Christine, the inflammation in my joints has subsided, which has enabled me to work on my flexibility and exercise more to the point where I am back playing sports regularly. But, that’s not all….My digestion has improved to the point that I literally cannot remember the last time I felt bloated, had heartburn, constipation, or other associated issues that I dealt with before.”

Rob Elliot


Christine has been wonderful in helping me navigate peri-menopause. Her recommendations for diet, supplementation and lifestyle have have helped me to get my crazy, heavy menstrual bleeding under control. My blood sugar is now back into balance so I no longer have those major energy crashes. Also recent labs have shown that my elevated thyroid antibodies are now within functional range! And all this within a few months! I am forever grateful!

Cristina Gomez-Lane

Store Owner


I’ve worked with Christine for a few years regarding both my son’s and my own health. Both times have been extremely effective in repairing guts, neutralizing a variety of fairly major issues, and restoring our overall levels of health. I think it’s well worth the time and money invested to go through the process with her, and have already recommended her to several friends.

Shawn Verbrugghe



“When I purchased the Hormone Breakthrough Blueprint program I hadn’t had a period in seven months (at 46 years old), was having almost debilitating hot flashes and severe depression. I have learned so much from this program. I learned how my hormones work and how other body systems/organs work together to support hormones. I learned about trauma and it’s impact on my body. As part of the program I was able to add hormone testing and Christine worked with me to find bioidentical hormones and get the correct doses to meet my body’s needs. 

Within weeks the hot flashes were gone and I was sleeping through the night again. My depression has significantly improved and I have energy to exercise regularly. This program covers so much information including mind, body and emotional connections. Through this program I am beginning to learn to love and accept my body as it is while working to become my healthiest/strongest self. This program has propelled me forward in my health journey by leaps and bounds and I am so grateful!” 


Andrea Coon



“After attending Christine’s Hormone Summits, I knew that “birth control until menopause” for my irregular periods (as recommended by my OBGYN) was not the route I wanted to take. I spent about 18 months working with Christine to determine the root cause of my irregular periods, but learned so much more than that. Christine has the ability to take the complexity of hormones and how they interact with each other and make it simple to understand. A big part of aging gracefully in my opinion is accepting that the quick fixes of your 20s and 30s won’t work anymore, and Christine gave me the knowledge to make lifestyle changes, and to be more in touch with what my body needs as I get older. And beyond me, the knowledge I’ve been able to share with my 14 year old daughter–knowledge I wished I’d had–has given her the gift of loving her growing body and the power that comes from being a woman. And THAT is a gift that keeps on giving!”


Josey Kasper



I have worked with Christine on two separate occasions and what has stuck out to me about Christine is her complete dedication to her work as well as her never ending thirst for knowledge. She is constantly growing in her profession and is uniquely dedicated to this work in a way that is genuine, authentic and compassionate. Her own health journey gives her a level of empathy and curiosity that sets her above most in her profession.


Ken Kiser



“I came into the relationship with Christine hoping to understand my body a bit better and how to feed it. I knew that there were certain things that I just was not processing like I was supposed to be. What I did not expect was to learn as much as I have about just everyday  things that I can do to help with my struggles. My favorite tip is that I should be eating more protein. I never really understood that this was for everyone and not just for those working out. This is life changing! I eat anywhere from 120 – 150 grams of protein a day and I am NOT HUNGRY! It really makes a difference. Before Christine,  I would have breakfast around 7:00 am and be absolutely starving by 10:30. Since I have been eating the right amount of protein, I am not hungry soon after eating. And when it is time to eat, I am not ravenous with little will power to choose the right fuel. So glad I found Christine!”

Dage Baker



“I can’t say enough positive things about my experience working with Christine! I am a kidney transplant recipient, so my medical history is complex, to say the least. Christine really put in the time and effort to research, above and beyond, to understand the complexities of my condition and how that was impacting my hormones. Multiple medical events happened to me during the time that we worked together, and her guidance was truly a God-sent! She saw me as a whole person and supported me in those difficult times while working together at a pace where I didn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed. She is so knowledgeable, but also willing to find answers when she doesn’t know. That is not something I have experienced very frequently with other health professionals! I felt empowered in learning about my hormones and found I felt more gentle and understanding towards my body, instead of frustrated. I would without a shadow of a doubt recommend anyone dealing with hormonal issues work with Christine.”

Annie Hammer




“I’ve struggled with IBS almost my whole life and when I came to Christine for help she was honest and real about what it can take to get on track with gut health. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worthwhile to have actual science and test results to create a plan. Christine is incredibly knowledgeable and has a passion for her work that comes across in every conversation. Her guidance and expertise are what really make the difference. Anyone can sign up for tests these days, but it is deciphering the results and making an educated, actionable plan that sets Christine’s practice apart!”

Jessica Coffield

“The Hormone Blueprint was truly a breakthrough in understanding my body. I came to the program with notions that my sex hormones were off, but what I uncovered (through individualized lab work) was a host of unknown issues. The content of this program gave me a lot of information to explore as I learned more and more about myself. Christine is a knowledgeable, supportive, and compassionate guide on your journey and delivers content personally and through a lot of guest experts that is evidence-based, synthesized for digestion, and potentially life-changing.”


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