2020 Hormone Summit



Get all the video and audio interviews and experiential exercises from the 2020 Hormone Summit! This includes:

How Your Gut Impacts Your Hormones – Christine Garvin

Eating For Your Cycle – Dr. Beth Westie

Experiential: Bhangra for the Body and Soul with Vicki Virk

The Connection Between Your Thyroid and Your Hormones – Nicole Jardim

Empower Your Choices Around Birth Control – Jenna Longoria

Experiential: Embodied Breath Breathing and Meditation Series with Sarah Poet

Fertility Through the Ages – Dr. Cleopatra

Post-Natal Self Care as a Practice – TaKisha August

Experiential: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Christine Garvin

Utilizing the Dutch Test for Hormone Imbalances – Dr. Debbi Rice

Saliva Hormone Panels for Cycling Women – Margaret Floyd

Yoga and Hormone Health – Le’Nise Brothers

Aging Gracefully Through Perimenopause and Menopause – Rachel Hughes

Experiential: Yoga For Hormone Support with Amber Kleid

Energy Practices to Support Hormonal Health – Kambra Meyer

The Link Between Astrology and Your Health + Hormones – Jaime Fleres

Experiential: AIT (Advanced Integrative Technique) with Kambra Meyer

Bonuses include:

-Nightime Ritual to help you get the sleep you need to help regulate hormones

-Healthy, veggie-based smoothies recipe list

-Paleo Bread recipe to get you off gluten but not off the bread!

Ready to find out "What The Hell Are My Hormones Doing?"


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