Immune Defense Program – Booklet and Recipes ONLY




1. 30+ page highly-researched, loaded with scientific studies booklet on how to support your immune system in times it is threatened by viruses. Enjoy immediate download access after purchasing. Vital information includes:

*Specific foods to eat

*Antiviral nutrients, herbs, and essential oils

*Immune-boosting herbs

*List of herb/vitamin/drug interactions

*Lifestyle recommendations to support increased immunity

*Supplements that provide extra and necessary support

*The power of upregulating your microbiome to help fight viruses

*Adjunct therapies

*Spiritual support for immunity

*Additional considerations

2. Second booklet contains 25+ recipes for boosting your immunity NOW, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert

*Booklets combined worth $199

3. 10% off immune-boosting supplements through our dispensary


Purchase for $39

**Please note, this program is contraindicated for those with autoimmune disorders, immune-compromised, and pregnant. Please consult your doctor before trying any new food, herbal, or supplemental program.**

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