Hot Summer Nights: 80s Meets 90s – August 20th, 2016

Bursting at the seams at Isis Music Hall

SOUNDS-2It was time to celebrate our two favorite decades! For more about the show, check out Hot Summer Nights 2016: 80s Meets 90s.

Awesome Entertainers

Performers included: No Regets (improv); Bhangra Club (80s Bhangra); Nicole Edge (80s Bellydance); Pac Women (80s Hip Hop Showgirl); The Gett Off Girls (90s Hip Hop Showgirl); Melanie Bianchi-McGee (storytelling); Color Me Badass (90s Modern); Yourmomsmixtape (live music with Ken Kiser and Matt Kinne); Britney’s Nirvana (90s Hip Hop Showgirl); Amber Victoria (aerials – lyra); 80s vs. 90s Flash Mob (hip hop)

All Photos by Christopher Gill

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