Published Articles


Dear Woman
Thrive Global, Nov 2017

You Are Allowed
Medium, October 2017

If We’re Going to Save Humanity, We Have to Face Our Shadow
Medium, October 2017

Sometimes (In Praise of Your Full Emotional Spectrum)
Medium, Aug. 2017

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others



The Power of Sexual Transmutation
Medium, Oct 2017


Body Image

Get In Touch With Your Inner Goddess and Explore Womanly Belly Love
Mookychick, Aug. 2014

Fall Deeply Madly in Love With Your Body
Sophie Magazine, December 2012







Health, Spirituality and the Cult of the Perfect Body
Dream Studies, December 2010



Conscious Dancer, Summer 2009

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 5.06.54 PM

Cleanse-Zing 1

Cleanse-Zing 2



7 of the Most Sustainable Breweries Around the World
BootsnAll, January 2013

8 Ways to Eat Your Way through the US South
Tripbase, November 2012

The Place Where You Live
Orion Magazine, January 2011

How people plan to change the world in 2011
Matador (BNT), January 2011

The Importance of ‘Quiet Time’ During Travel
Matador (BNT), November 2009


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