Quiz Answer: Gut Health

It looks like you might be having some issues with your gut.

Why are we talking about gut health when the quiz you took was about hormones? Because at the root of our hormone issues is our gastrointestinal system. In other words, you gotta clean up your gut if you want your hormones to work correctly.

If you aren’t pooping every day, that means estrogen has a greater chance to recirculate in your body, leading towards estrogen dominance/excess. If you have consistent loose stools, that means you aren’t absorbing nutrients as well as you could – and we need nutrients like cholesterol not only for hormone production, but also things like B vitamins and amino acids for the liver to properly detoxify our hormones.

Plus, it just doesn’t feel good to have a stomach not working properly.

If you want to better understand the connection between your hormones and gut health, a great place to begin is with Gut On Fire: Cool It Down To Boost Your Hormones.

Or, if you are ready to dive into getting your gut on track, check out Heal Your Gut!

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