Work, then flow

Work, then flow. It’s my new mantra. Let me back up a moment. I find myself – my proclivities – to fall somewhere in between the grounded and woo. It’s been the course of my life; if you are at all interested and understanding of the woo, my... read more

Nine Steps for Dealing with Depression and Anxiety

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been sharing on Instagram some of the tools that I wish I had as a child/teenager/young adult to get me through my depressive (and unknown to me at the time, deep anxiety) episodes. I pondered anti-depressants many times, was... read more

For the Love of Performing

One of my favorite things about being a dance teacher is watching my students perform. For the first few years of teaching, I often performed with them, and so I missed out on the joy it brings to see them do their thing on stage. There was also more of a dependence... read more

CGD+T Dancer Certification Spotlight: Alison Pettigrew

  Alison (aka Ali or Alie) Pettigrew, 31, Customer Care Coordinator for Galaxy Digital Note from Christine: Ali (or Alie, as I always write) started taking Hip Hop with me a couple of years ago. Her Hip Hop class inexplicably changed into a performance class... read more

CGD+T Dancer Certification Spotlight: Crystal Edwards

Crystal Leigh Edwards, 31, Assistant General Manager  Note from Christine: Crystal is one of our first dancers to become a certified CGD+T dancer. I am floored by how far she has come since beginning dance classes with me last summer; not only has she put a lot of... read more

There’s No Such Thing As Balance

  Oh, I used to believe there was. I used to repeat that mantra over and over again to friends, family, clients. “Balance is what brings you good health. It’s what so many of us are missing in life, and what would make us so much happier.” The... read more

Can You Ease Up? Or, How to Approach 2017

I woke up with a sweat-covered face and chest. The sweat I could handle; the worst part was that pit-feeling space in the middle of my stomach. I’ve been here before. Note: this does not make it any easier in the moment. But I was able to feel some comfort more... read more

Looking For A Fresh Start (aka Happy Holidays)

It’s hard for many of us to look at the holidays as anything other than a crazy busy time. We may jump into seeing some holiday theater, or music, or venture out to see the lights and the Christmas markets, but we’re mostly running around trying to take... read more

Forward Movements

I stopped following the news as closely as I had been. Don’t worry, I still get the overall picture. I read the headlines to know which person is being appointed, what mind-numbing tweets have been made, and I delve into some articles to read about the tragedies... read more

I Don’t Want a Revolution.

I used to. Definitely for all of my 20s. During all of the anti-Iraq war marches I participated in in San Francisco, during my work with a low-income black women’s organization my first couple of years in the Bay Area, when Bush won the first and second times,... read more

Now is the Time for Authenticity, Shadows and All

I hold the well-being of all others close to my heart every single day. * I get wrapped up in trying to sort out my own emotional world, which can lead to self-absorption.   I accept that I am a complicated, emotional being with a rich internal world that is hard... read more

There’s Nothing To Worry About

Easier said than done, but if you want to see what this angel card answered when I asked, “What steps do we next take to heal as an American culture?”, check out the video below. Guidance Reading for What's Happening week of 10/24/2016 from Christine... read more

The Power of Community

Over the last few years, introvertedness has come to the forefront, and that has been damn good for me. I grew up wondering what was wrong with me for not feeling like hanging out with groups of friends for as long as they wanted to. Or why I always preferred hanging... read more

Health #nakedtruths

Health – such a broad term, I know – is endlessly fascinating to me. I spend hours each day reading through articles, blogs, and books about a variety of topics related to our minds, bodies, and souls, and the intersection of the three. New discoveries and... read more

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