Restore Your Metabolism with Dr. Ashley Dwyer

Been on a lot of diets in your lifetime? Ever wondered if you need to restore your metabolism?

Well, some of us have unfortunately blown out our metabolism with the  low-calorie diets we’ve tried over the years. And our body needs some  TLC to bring it back into balance.

That’s where Dr. Ashley Dwyer comes in. Dr. Dwyer, a former pharmacist,  moved into holistic nutrition counseling and metabolic restoration after  her personal frustration with how the medical system handled her health  issues.

She has learned that health is all about bio-individuality, between what  we eat, how we move our body, as well as having support from a  community.

In today’s episode we cover:

👉What undereating and overexcising can do to the body

👉Why intermittent fasting and HIIT aren’t always the best options for  women

👉How to go about healing your metabolism

👉The thing that is essential for better health

And much more!

Hope you enjoy listening in to our lively discussion about all things  food and movement related.

Dr. Ashley Dwyer is CEO/founder of TeamBDN Coaching and a former  pharmacist. After going through a slew of health issues due to lifestyle  factors and stress, Ashley saw firsthand just how our current medical  system was flawed.

After 3 PCPs, 2 endocrinologists, and 3 functional  medicine practitioners, she finally got the help she needed. Ashley  decided to shift her life’s work in this direction, focusing on holistic  health coaching instead of handing out “bandaids” behind a counter.

Ashley and her team specialize in holistic nutrition, macro tracking,  metabolic restoration, individualized fitness plans, accountability, and  community, helping women between the ages of 25-50 eat more and reach  their health goals. Find her at and on IG @dr.dwyer and @teambdncoaching.

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