Sensual Magic for Women 35-50

An eight week intensive study into this magical time of your life.

Reconnect to your Essence so you have the Power to do everything you desire.

Fall 2018
September 10th-Nov. 2nd
Soul trainings sent out on Mondays
Call time: Thursdays @ Noon EST

You Are Worthy.

Full stop. You may feel surrounded by people, media, culture that tells you are losing – or have already lost – your worthiness. Know the truth, though? You’re only becoming more worthy. It’s the secret they don’t want you to know, because that means they maintain power over you. But we need to understand the power lies within us. Always. Let’s dive in.

Connect to Your Body

Feel like your body has become (or has always been) the enemy? Learn how to recognize its power, grace, and divinity.

Give Your Emotions Room

The point is not to try and push any of the intense emotions of evolving (my word for aging) away, but instead learn to extract the gift they are trying to provide. 

Recognize Your Power

As women, we are ALL powerful beings. Sometimes, we just forget this fact. Learn how to harness that power to make the most empowered choices in your life.

Weeks of the Program

Types of Orgasms

Hormones that are in flux

Age the Magic begins (and only gets better from here!)

The Program Includes:


Weekly Lessons Sent Directly To You


Video Exercises To Up Your Sensual Game


Visualizations to Support Your Process


Movement Exercises that Strengthen and Release


Energy Practices that Keep Your Sensuality Heightened


Special Gift to Close Out the Program


Bonuses to Connect to Your Divine Self Anytime!

Week-by-week offerings:

Week 1

Hormones Learn about the changes and how to work with important shifting time in our hormonal life.

Week 2

Nutrition How you eat is more important now than ever before. Learn what will keep you feeling your best.

Week 3

Movement Learn how to get into – and love – your body in the quickest ways possible.

Week 4

Body Image We’ll dive into what it’s like to face our changing bodies, and how we can embrace and love them even more than ever before.

Week 5

Sexuality (Self) In week 1 of our two-week journey into looking at sexuality, we’ll talk about the most important sex of all – sex with yourself (this is not just about masturbation, but energetic, mental, and emotional levels of your sexuality).

Week 6

Sexuality (with others) This week, we’ll look at issues of sexuality with others, including shifting desires, monogamy vs. polyamory, and being with women vs. being with men (or both).

Week 7

Divine Sex Sex can be used as one of the ultimate ways to connect to the Divine. In this lesson, we’ll explore what that means and what it can look like.

Week 8

Embrace In our final session, we’ll talk about how to fully embrace where you are mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and develop an action plan for the year.

Shift Your Energy

Every week, we’ll meet as a group on Thursdays at noon (EST). No worries if you can’t make it; we’ll record the meeting so you can listen in when it’s convenient for you. During this sacred time together, we’ll talk about what we learned that week, ask questions and get clarifications, support each other in the process, and usually, tap into some magic we didn’t even know existed.

Christine is beyond lovely and very inspirational to learn from. She is light, fun, professional and darn good at what she does. She is a natural at creating a sense of magic and community!”

Hillary H.

“Christine has created such an awesome community – a community of women who are supportive of each other. When you come to any of Christine’s classes you are guaranteed to smile, laugh and feel like you’ve done something good for your body and your mind.”

Ali P.

“Christine has a wonderful knack for offering direction and suggestions while letting everyone creatively involved do their own thing and be true to their own creative interpretation. I’ve seen her first hand make a difference in many people’s lives.”

Tiffany S.

“As a teacher, I cannot recommend Christine strongly enough. As a person, she is warm, kind, energetic and funny – I look forward to seeing her every week.”

Amy H.

What You’ll Leave With.

A heightened, loving sense of self that goes beyond the way you look, move, or act You’ll be deeply connected to your sexuality, understanding how this energy can be transmuted and applied to any part of your life A community built upon trust, support, and lots of figurative and literal high fives You’ll see your body as a temple and vessel for pure enjoyment and real connection Specific tools to shift energy or perspective in those inevitable moments where we get caught in our ‘stuff’ An openness to life you may have forgotten you had, or haven’t previously accessed Lots of sass

Claim Your Birthright and Help Other Women Claim Theirs, Too

Tiered pricing:

1st tier: $499 (by May 1st)
2nd tier: $625 (by Aug. 1)
3rd tier: $799

Questions? Email us at christinegarvin [at] christinegarvin [dot] com.

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