Supporting Your Immune System During Covid (And All The Time) w/Ellen Syversen

There has been a ton of focus on mask-wearing, social distancing, and staying-at-home since Covid became a pandemic.

While all of these approaches are necessary in slowing down the spread of the virus, on the whole, we are not talking about what is necessary to diminish the impact of the virus on individuals: a healthy immune system.

Today, I’m talking with my colleague Ellen Syversen, Holistic Nutritional Counseling and Therapy, about what we need to do to support our immune systems to both tackle this virus, and the many others that come our way at any given time.

Both Ellen and I utilize a stool test in our practice that provides an immune function marker, so we see on the daily how depressed so many people’s immune systems are. This is true for a variety of reasons, and we cover many of them, including:

Diet, including the impact of sugar and alcohol on our immunity
Gut Health
Lifestyle choices
Stress levels

and more.

We also talk about some of the nutrients that the latest research is telling us will help support your body to have a better fighting chance against Covid.

Now is the perfect time to work on cleaning up your “inner” house as well as protecting yourself out in the world. This episode is a great guide on how to do just that!

Ellen Syversen, MPH, CHES, NTP, has a master’s degree in public health from Tulane University School of Public Health and over 20 years of experience as a certified health educator. Her passion for nutrition started as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger, West Africa where she worked on maternal and child health issues as a Nutritionist in a rural village for two years. Prior to starting a nutritional therapy practice, Ellen managed and directed the OSU Lane County Extension Nutrition Education Program and conducted numerous seminars county wide.

Combining her background as a health educator with her training as a Nutritional Therapist & Restorative Wellness Practitioner, Ellen offers clients holistic, functional nutrition counseling, therapy, and education with the goal of correcting imbalances in body chemistry and achieving optimal wellness naturally.

Some of her areas of expertise include chronic fatigue, food sensitivities, digestive dysfunction, hormonal balance through diet and blood sugar issues. Ellen loves to practice what she preaches and enjoys getting people excited about expanding their food horizons and using natural supplements, diet, and lifestyle approaches to restore health and wellness.

Ellen offers a free, confidential, no obligation, 20 minute phone consultation for potential clients, and she also offers long distance consultations via Skype, Zoom and phone. Ellen is available for speaking engagements and workshops and can be reached pathwaysforhealth [at] You can also find her at her website.

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