Synching Your Workout With Your Menstrual Cycle with Jenni Hulburt

What does fitness mean to you?

Is it pushing your body to the limit in order to make gains, or is it pushing yourself to get off the couch to do anything at all?

The truth is, neither of these options are the best for your overall health and well-being. And, there is a different way. 

In today’s episode, I chat with fitness specialist Jenni Hulburt about how to tap into your own body’s cycle in order to move in a way that feels best to you. 

We talk about how your body needs different movement depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle (and also, where you are in the cycle of the year, as well as your life). Jenni breaks down what types of movement are best during your follicular phase, and then what supports you best during your luteal phase, and finally, your period. 

We also discuss how to use your intuition when you’re not motivated or consistent with moving your body. This is a big one for many women who just aren’t inclined to move their body because of previous harm from fitness or society’s pressures, as well as those who have never felt called to do much movement.

I love Jenni’s spiritual and cyclical approach to movement, and I know you will too!


Jenni Hulburt is a fitness specialist teaching movement that’s part cyclical, seasonal, sweaty, and spiritual. She has a Bachelor of Science and Masters degree in Exercise Physiology and Sport Psychology.  As a student of nature, and wellness advocate with doTERRA, she works with plant allies in the form of essential oils to teach others about the gifts of the earth for our well-being and our connection to life. Find out more at her website, or follow her on IG. Also check out her podcast, Wild Wellness.

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