Syncing Your Skin Care with Your Menstrual Cycle w/Rachel Kraus

Do you change your skincare routine throughout the month? Probably not (I know I don’t!).

But why not? It turns out our skin cycles too, based on our hormones (of course).

On today’s episode, I’m talking with skin care specialist Rachel Kraus, founder of Dirty Peach Skin, about how our skin changes throughout our menstrual cycle. We dive into what types of products, ingredients, and practices are best depending on if you find yourself in your follicular, ovulatory, luteal, or menstrual phase.

We also talk about toxins found in much of skincare out there, and what you should be looking out for. Skin is our biggest organ, so it matters what we put on it!

If you have trouble with breakouts around your period, dry skin, sensitive skin (I had to get in a question about rosacea!), this is the revolutionary episode for you.

Rachel Kraus is the owner and founder of Dirty Peach Skin. An innovative skin care company that uses the power of clean products and cycle syncing to kick hormonal acne to the curb! We formulate products to be safe for women’s hormones and fertility. And we believe in changing the beauty industry by making skincare more about women’s health and less about beauty.

Rachel has been formulating products for close to a decade and recently found herself in the women’s health industry after having multiple issues with hormonal acne and period problems! All of which was solved by her own products and cycle syncing! Find her at her website or on Instagram.

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